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10 Signs You’re Someone’s Narcissistic Supply

Warning Signs of Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic supply cut off: How to start the healing process

10 Signs You're Someone's Narcissistic Supply
10 Signs You're Someone's Narcissistic Supply

The first and foremost step to heal yourself is to recognize the situation. Try to look at your scenario from a different perspective and ask yourself, “Is this really right”, or “Is this what I really wanted.” You should trust your gut and recognize a situation when it does not feel right. Only when you understand how you are being used by a narcissist for his/her narcissistic supply, then can you start your healing process.

The most effective solution for healing from a narcissist is to stay as far away from them as possible and cutting them off from your lives completely. This is better said than done, as since you are their primary supply, they will leave no stone unturned to emotionally manipulate or put you back into your place again. 

In situations like these, it is important to reach out to friends or family for support. If you feel threatened by their presence, you can even reach out to your local law enforcement for help. Your absence will not matter to a narcissist for a long time as they will find someone else to fill your gap. You can start feeling lonely and depressed in situations like these. 

10 Signs You're Someone's Narcissistic Supply
Narcissistic supply cut off: How to start the healing process

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However, it is important that you remember past loving relationships in these situations and understand that the future holds numerous probabilities for you to experience the feeling of love and affection once more. 

Wrapping it up

A narcissist is dependent on a regular, continuous flow of narcissistic supplies. They rely on it to sustain their superficial self-image and feed their ego. People in interpersonal relationships with such individuals are merely used as a means of an extension of their self-serving needs.

If you feel like you are being used as a narcissistic supply, it is important to remember that you are not alone and professional help can always guarantee you getting out of such relationships, both physically and emotionally. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you know if you are narcissistic supply?

People who provide narcissists with attention and fulfill their egos on a daily basis are known narcissistic supply sources. So if you are the giver in the relationship and can be manipulated or controlled easily, it can be identified as signs you narcissistic supply.

What happens when you cut off narcissistic supply?

If you deny a narcissist from their source or don’t give them attention, they may become enraged, they can be toxic or abusive. The best way is to cut them off gradually and save yourself from the trouble.

Signs of Narcissistic Supply pin
Signs of Narcissistic Supply
Signs of Narcissistic pin
10 Signs You're Someone's Narcissistic Supply
Warning Signs of Narcissistic Supply pin
10 Signs You're Someone's Narcissistic Supply
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