13 Signs You Have Emotionally Intelligent Friendships

signs you have emotionally intelligent friendships

8. You Don’t Compare Them With Each Other.

You are aware that you have a unique personality, as does your friend, and that each person in your life plays a different role in your life. You don’t try to compare each other’s lives based on successes or failures; instead, you try to be as emotionally intelligent as possible and celebrate them for who they are.

9. You Know How To Communicate Effectively. 

You and your emotionally intelligent friend are open to discussing your fears and concerns. You know you’re not being judged, and your friendship is a safe haven. You actively listen to each other and give appropriate advice. If you believe they have said something hurtful to you, you should tell them that what they have said is incorrect. And they even apologise for their words or actions.

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10. You Can Call Out Each Other When Needed.

When friends make stupid decisions or do things that are inappropriate, it can be difficult to call them out. When you confront them, even if it makes you uncomfortable, you know you have an emotionally intelligent friendship.

11. You Understand The Need For Space From Each Other At Times.

As a person, there might be days when you don’t feel like talking or meeting anyone. In an emotionally intelligent friendship, your friend will understand your need for space and will not force you to talk to them. They will allow you to take a break from the friendship if necessary, for you to recharge your mind.

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12. You Respect Each Other’s Friendships That Are Not You.

It’s a natural instinct to be jealous when your friend has other friendships. But you don’t make them feel bad for not spending time with you or don’t get angry with each other. Instead, you respect the fact that they can have other friendships in addition to yours.

13. You Know That You Can’t Change Or Fix Each Other’s Lives.

No matter what you do, you will never be able to change or fix someone, even if you love them and consider them friends. The most you can do is be present with them, listen to them when they want to tell their story, and effectively support them.

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Final Thoughts 

The most important aspect of emotionally intelligent friendships is that you share emotional experiences, and even if you don’t talk every day, you both understand that you can just pick up where you left off without feeling judged.

signs you have emotionally intelligent friendships pinop
13 Signs You Have Emotionally Intelligent Friendships
signs you have emotionally intelligent friendships pin
13 Signs You Have Emotionally Intelligent Friendships
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