Emotional Attraction: 10 Signs You Are Emotionally Attracted to Someone

Signs You Are Emotionally Attracted to Someone

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected to them? Emotional attraction can often make us drawn to certain individuals without being physically attracted to them. Understanding the signs of emotional attraction can help you develop chemistry & build a deep relationship.

What is emotional attraction?

Have you ever felt that you know someone for a long time even when you met them the first time? That special kind of feeling is emotional attraction.

When you feel attracted to someone’s soul instead of their physical body, you become emotionally attracted to them. Their mind and spirit draw you towards them and you feel an undeniably strong chemistry. Emotional attraction often leads to deep meaningful relationships that can be both romantic and non-romantic.

emotional attraction

Emotional attraction is getting attracted to a person’s mind, heart and personality instead of their physical appearance. It is different from physical attraction as it is a deeper form of attraction that makes you feel closely connected to someone for a long time.

Experts believe that emotional or psychological attractiveness is a crucial aspect of a romantic relationship, particularly long-term committed relationships. It can inspire and motivate couples in relationships who share emotionally intimate and lasting connections.

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Identifying the signs of emotional attraction can enable you to develop a more intimate and much deeper bond in your romantic relationship as well. Although physical attraction is important, emotional attraction leads to meaningful and lasting relationships. It is an undetectable force that connects your souls together.

Emotional attraction is the core of every relationship. It empowers us to enjoy each others’ company, has deep meaningful conversations, and share a fun, positive vibe with our partners. Relationships based on physical attraction can lead to insecurity and doubt outside the bedroom. But when your relationship is solidified by emotional attraction, then you can experience a special friendship with an extra spark.

Signs of emotional attraction

So how can you know if you are emotionally attracted to someone? Most of the time, you will just know if you are drawn to someone for their intellect, their spirit, and their dreams, while at other times it may be a little more difficult to spot the signs of emotional attraction.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to identify the signs of emotional attraction:

Honest Signs Emotional Attraction
10 Honest Signs Of Emotional Attraction

1. Do you give your undivided attention to them?

If you are fully present and aware when you are with them, then it’s one of the signs of emotional attraction. When we have an emotional connection with someone, we are not distracted by anything, like our phones, and offer them our undivided attention. When we actively listen to what our special person is saying and are fully present in the moment, we show genuine interest, appreciation, and care.

2. Do you feel emotionally compatible?

Do you share certain personal values and beliefs? When you share the same views about life, lifestyle, and life goals with the person you’re emotionally attracted to, your relationship will become deeper. Feeling that you are emotionally compatible will make you feel more connected to them.

3. Do you make frequent eye contact?

It may seem something unimportant, but making meaningful eye contact frequently means you share a special emotional connection with a person. When you look at their eyes while talking, it means you are interested in them.

A deep bond can only be developed when we are able to relate with someone through authentic empathy, concern, and care. And that often starts with simple yet meaningful eye contact.

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4. Do you have regular late night conversations?

If you find yourself in long 2 am conversations with this person over the phone on a daily basis, then it’s a prominent sign of emotional connection. As we are most vulnerable at this time, we end up sharing our innermost thoughts, beliefs, and emotions about relationships, ourselves, and life. This forms a unique connection that strengthens the relationship.

These long late-night conversations about our childhood, past relationships and our daily lives are pregnant with shared emotional experiences that deepen our bond.

5. Do you want to share interests and experiences with them?

Turning your shared interests into shared experiences is one of the signs of emotional attraction. If you like to do something, like exercising, then sharing that experience with that person can surely create more emotional attraction. Shared interests and experiences can take your relationship or friendship to the next level.

6. Are you comfortable sharing sensitive personal details?

When we develop a strong emotional connection with someone, we become more open to sharing vulnerable personal information with them. This means talking about our flaws, mistakes, insecurities, and other private details about ourselves. When you share such intimate information with someone, it implies a deep level of trust between you and the other person.

Emotional attraction grows by listening to or sharing intimate personal details, which includes both our flaws and uniqueness.

7. Do you ever get sick of them?

If you never get tired of that person despite how much time you spend with each other, then it means you are emotionally attracted to each other. You just enjoy their company and feel comfortable around them even if you’re not doing anything special or exciting.

8. Do you love spending more time with them?

When we like someone, we want to be around them more often as they make us feel better and happier. Being around the person you’re emotionally attracted to can help to deepen the bond and connection your share with them.

Experts believe that using our 5 senses can help to deepen that connection. Being physically present with them or talking to them over the phone or video chatting can enhance emotional attraction.

9. Do you think about them all the time?

If you keep wondering about them while at work, school or doing some chores, then you are mentally and emotionally drawn to them. It’s because of the way they make you feel, you keep thinking about them most of the time and replay what you talked about last time.

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10. Do you feel that they understand you?

When you have this feeling that they know you better than others, it is a strong sign that you have developed a profound emotional connection with them. When you share an emotional bond, you will feel heard, seen, and understood.

Here are some other important questions that you need to ask yourself to identify the signs of emotional attraction:

  • Do you feel you can be yourself with them?
  • Do you bring out the best in each other?
  • Do you feel peaceful while sitting in silence with them?
  • Do you feel secure and content even when they are away?
  • Do you see this relationship last for a long time?
  • Do you call or text each other at any time of the day?
  • Can you talk to them about anything?
  • Can you feel a profound connection all the time?
  • Do you lose track of time when you’re with them?
  • Do you seek advice from them when facing a problem?
  • Do you value the time you spend with them?
  • Do you have a similar sense of humor?
  • Do you feel happy and alive when you’re with them?
  • Do you know each other’s positive and negative qualities?
  • Do they make you feel comfortable and calm when you’re around them?
  • Do you know each other’s friends and family?
  • Do you care about that person deeply?
  • Do you have unshakable respect for each other?
  • Do you accept them as they are without wanting to change them?
  • Is that person your best friend?

Emotional attraction strengthens relationships

Recognizing the signs of emotional attraction can not only help you find the perfect romantic partner, but it can also lead to some great friendships. Emotional attraction allows us to connect with someone, be honest and open with them and share our insecurities. This forms the ground for intimacy in a relationship, whether with your partner or your friend.

Understanding and identifying these signs is important as intimacy, connection and attachment thrives on being understood, accepted, feeling safe and comfortable. Emotional attraction makes us feel heard and validated. It is our ability to relate & connect to another person instantly on a different level.

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Why emotional attraction is important

Did you know it takes around 90 seconds to 4 minutes for you to decide if you are attracted to someone? Although physical attraction is important, experts believe that emotional attraction is even more important for successful, long term relationships. Every healthy intimate relationship requires both physical and emotional attraction to succeed. Although physical attraction may change with time, emotional attraction creates lifelong relationships.

Emotional attraction is more powerful than physical attraction as it enables us to be attracted to someone’s personality, intelligence, sense of humor & how they care for others. It is an important ingredient in making relationships last and building meaningful bonds than physical attraction alone.

A 2018 study found that emotional attraction and accessibility is more important for a relationship than physical attraction and sexual accessibility. The study revealed that women are more likely to break up with a partner due to the lack of emotional attraction and accessibility. The research paper stated that “women are more likely to expel a mate due to deficits in emotional access while men are more likely to expel a mate due to deficits in sexual access.” The researchers concluded that irrespective of sex, being emotionally inaccessible was more closely related to breakups, separation, and divorce.{1}

The study added that when deciding to end a relationship, women focus more on their partner’s ability to be emotionally accessible than their sexual accessibility. As women have a higher parental investment need than men, “women may have a lower threshold for a partner’s emotional inaccessibility.” This occurs due to the fact that emotional investment of both partners is directly related to raising children, especially in committed relationships. The study also found that the lack of emotional access can also lead to infidelity in relationships.

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Emotional attraction is a unique experience

Although physical attraction can make you feel excited, emotional attraction allows us to create deep connections and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. When you have strong emotional bonds, your relationship can stand the test of time and evolve through all the challenges by bringing you even closer. Meaningful relationships based on emotional connections add meaning to our lives.

So if you can identify the signs of emotional attractions and share a special bond with someone, whether it’s a friend or a romantic interest, then you need to focus on developing a stronger emotional connection with them. This can take your life to a whole different level.


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