20 Signs Your Relationship Is Bad For Your Mental Health

 April 05, 2017

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20 Signs Your Relationship Is Bad For Your Mental Health

They say, how people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours.

Our relationships should always be good for our mental health. Positive thoughts and happiness is always a welcome change in a relationship. The success or failure in a relationship is often dependent on the frequency and depth or the quality and nature of an interaction. You can get affected by either positively or negatively depending upon the nature of a relationship.

Here are the 20 signs that tell you that your partner is bad for your mental health:


1_ You continuously second guess your thoughts and feelings:

It may be very normal for people to second guess thoughts and feelings in a relationship. However, this may not be normal for someone in a relationship to guess what is happening time and again. You cannot rationalize your behaviour all the time.


2_ Making excuses about other’s behaviour:

This may be normal for many people to actually make excuses for the other person he or she deeply cares for. But it is only a matter of time before the other person feels used and mistreated. The problem with making excuses is that it harms the relationship and enables the other person to continue with negative behaviour without consequence.


3_ Deny the entire right to think and act:

This is especially true for couples that have children. One of the spouses is completely disillusioned with the relationship and does not want to stir up the nest for the sake of kids. They just go on to bury their thoughts and emotions.


4_ Unresolved anger or anxiety faced when interacting:

If a relationship has been unhealthy for most times, there will be a negative emotion that will be aggravated when there is an interaction. There is a sense of repulsion and dread that seems to pile on with every interaction between two people in a relationship. Consistent negative thoughts often are detrimental for mental peace.


5_ Perennially trying to mend the fences in a unidirectional way:

A relationship is almost always a two way street and does not require efforts from one partner all the time. Despite all efforts if the partners are both not willing to work it out both ways, then change can be for a short period of time and behaviour seems to be unaltered for most of the time. Friendships can never be forced. Marriage cannot be either. The two way street has to be fully functional for you to survive in a relationship!


6_ What goes around comes around:

Most relationships do not see the light of day, when one of the partners cheats on the other. This may cause emotional agony and a tremendous sense of insecurity in one of the partners.


7_ Lack of each others support:

Looking towards other people for emotional strength and support rather than having each other is a recipe for mental agony in partners.


8_ Lack of empathizers in your company:

If your partner cuts off the support network of your friends and family, it bodes ill for your relationship.

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