The Healing Practice of Self-Hypnosis: 6 Simple Steps

The Healing Practice of Self-Hypnosis: 6 Simple Steps

5. Once you are very relaxed, in your mind gently repeat a positive mantra such as: “I am calm, I am in control, I am relaxed.”

Repeat this mantra over and over, or find one that resonates with you. The language should be “I” language and should be positive and encouraging but also soothing. Repeat this over and over and allow your body to give in to the relaxation and calm feelings you are generating.

6. When you have reached your five minutes, you will start to feel energy returning to your body,

Once you have reached your five minutes, (you may have to use a timer the first session, but over time your mind will let you know when five minutes are up), you will focus on each limb and body part and send energy and confidence to that part, and you will take three more deep breaths, again in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Count slowly backward from 10 to one and when you reach the count of one, open your eyes. Allow yourself to sit there for a couple of minutes and enjoy the positive experience of giving yourself this valuable time.

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This process is not the same as meditation, because it is more active. You are engaging your mind and your body, but doing it in a calm and centered way. If you can’t afford five minutes two to three times a day, start with less and work your way up.

Once you practice this, you will find the same calm feelings and thoughts spill over into your daily activities even when your eyes are open. It can be a great cure for stress, anxiety, and worry, and it doesn’t cost anything except 15 minutes of your time.

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Written By Beverly Flaxington
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

When you practice self-hypnosis, you will see that with time it is becoming easier for you to handle the difficult and challenging things in your life. You will feel less stressed out, and more positive. You will love yourself more, and understand yourself like never before. Try it out, and see how miraculous it truly is.

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The Healing Practice of Self-Hypnosis: 6 Simple Steps
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The Healing Practice of Self-Hypnosis: 6 Simple Steps
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