5 Common Blame Shifting Phrases Narcissists Use

Common Blame Shifting Phrases Narcissists Use

Narcissists never hold themselves accountable for any mistakes in their life or relationships, rather they are prone to place the blame on others. Here are 5 common phrases a narcissist use skillfully to blame shift and manipulate you. Read on to know what does that means and why they are used.

It is fundamental that we remain unaccountable for our actions. One of the most effective ways of avoiding this accountability, provoking you and leaving you exasperated and stunned is to engage in blame-shifting. We are the blame shifters who will always use this form of manipulation in our ceaseless quest to maintain the upper hand.

Not only is it the case that we believe we are entitled to complete immunity for what we say and do, occasioned by our innate superiority, we also believe it to be necessary for us to be able to gather fuel as often and as effectively as we do.

If we were slowed down by having to make meaningful apologies, explain ourselves, account for what we have done, and accept responsibility for the consequences this would absorb time that would be far better spent in the pursuit of fuel. Hampering us in such a way would result in us becoming weaker since we would not be able to gather as much fuel as usual.

It is, therefore, necessary, so we remain sleek, effective and light of foot, for us to never be concerned about accountability and also to never allow responsibility to rest with us.

As with many of our machinations, this approach also allows us to gather fuel in itself by the imposition of the blame on others, usually you, and the astonished and outraged emotional response which then flows from this staggering act of walking away scot-free. As ever, words are our best allies when it comes to throwing off the attempt to make us assume the mantle of responsibility.

Here are five of our favorite narcissist blame shift phrases

1. What do you expect me to do about it?

A delicious subtle piece of narcissist blame-shifting to begin with. We do not even state that we regard it as your fault, your responsibility, or your liability with this question.

Nevertheless, the implication is clear – we expect you to do something about it because we do not ‘do’ responsibility, your role is to clear up after us and you signed up to that role when you accepted our overtures. Did you miss that term of the contract? Don’t blame us, that’s your own fault.

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I regularly brag about how brilliant and special I am. That I have many talents and if I so chose I could remedy many situations within moments, but not withstanding this being the stance that I adapt to the world at large, I am not going to do that with you. Not a chance.

I am not here to pick up the pieces after you, although I expect you to do so for me repeatedly. I can do as I like and you are obliged to make good the damage that I cause – collect the broken pieces of crockery, apologize to the shell-shocked friend after an outburst, try to solve the financial headache that we have left.

If you have caused a problem, and let’s face it, it is always your fault anyway, you cannot expect me to do something about it. I am above such menial tasks. I have important and bigger things to attend to. Such as? I don’t have to explain myself to the likes of you. If I caused the problem (which in reality is usually the case) I am not going to do anything about it.

2. Deal with it.

That’s the way it is and you had better get used to this narcissist blame shift phrase. This haughty declaration is par the course for our sense of entitlement to do as we please. We bulldoze through everything and you just have to put up with it. You can’t walk away; we will not allow that to happen.

Issuing this barked instruction at you is an effective way of upsetting you. It is telling you that you are useless and you should just be getting on with the situation rather than complaining about it. You shouldn’t be complaining; you should have already guessed that you needed to sort the situation out. Don’t ask me for help because I just do not have time for this mickey mouse nonsense.

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3. You caused this to happen.

We like to maintain that we act with the omnipotence of a god but how many times have you found that you have somehow caused something to happen so that it would suggest that you exercise the powers of a deity? My late arrival was down to you. My failure to remember something was caused by you. My infidelity for the sixth time was whole as a consequence of what you have done.

At its most brutal this declaration is issued without any explanation as to why it is that you caused the problem to arise. We say that it is the case therefore that must be right. Does this exchange seem familiar?

“Why is that the case?”

“It just is.”

“But why?”

“Because I say so.”

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