21 Things People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand

Things people love spending time alone understand

People who love spending time alone are often judged by other people, simply because they think wanting to be alone is a sad and depressing thing. But if you are someone who loves to spend time alone, you will know how liberating and amazing it can feel. Solitude can truly be addictive.

When you are fine with being by yourself and do not find the need to always rely on other people to give you company, it makes you a strong and independent person. It shows that your self-worth and happiness is not reliant on someone else. The more you spend time alone, the more you feel at peace.

Here Are 21 Things People Who Love Spending Time Alone Will Understand

1. You love spending weekends alone.

A weekend that is all yours is the best weekend ever. No parties, no plans, no responsibilities and you aren’t required to be anywhere with anyone.

2. You prefer staying at home than club-hopping.

A good book, an engaging music album, or a television show is capable of captivating your attention for far more time than any club or party. You shall rather spend a night binge eating and be watching your favorite television show than hitting a bar with your friends.

3. You feel comfortable being by yourself.

Sometimes, you opt out of plans that your friends make because the prospect of having the day to yourself means the world to you.

4. You like quiet and remote places.

Your idea of the perfect vacation is going away to a remote cabin that exists in the middle of woods and literally nowhere. You desire minimum human interaction and be rather glad to not have social media encroaching on your alone time.

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5. You love going on solo road trips.

A solo road trip where you can clear out your mind, ponder over your thoughts and play your favorite songs on loop for hours at a stretch is better than literally any other plan you could ever make with friends or family.

6. You don’t find it hard to eat out alone.

You know you love spending time alone, when you simply cannot believe when people tell you eating out at a restaurant is hard. I mean, it is the most peaceful thing, ever. Good food and no conversation – the best meal ever!

7. You can’t function without your alone time.

Your space matters to you as much as the air around you. You cannot survive without having your solo time, at all. When a potential lover turns out “clingy” that’s the moment you know they aren’t the one!

8. You need solitude at times even when you are in a relationship.

Even if you have your strings attached with a certain beloved, your space is your essential need to preserve and maintain your sanity.

9. You feel attracted to people who love alone time like you.

When you marry, you shall be marrying a person who loves spending time alone or things won’t work out well.

10. You are extremely self-reliant.

What is the word that people who know you most frequently associate with you when it comes to describing you in a single word? It has to be independent!

11. You are remarkably intuitive.

Your intuition is the best trait you possess and always on point because you spent a good deal of time with yourself and you literally cultivate it.

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12. You are not always looking to be in a relationship.

While most of your friends cringe at the thought of being single, you consider it as a major privilege. You love not having to coordinate or sync your life with another perpetually.

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