6 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time With Yourself


6 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time With Yourself

In life, there are many ways you can gain happiness.

But have you ever thought of spending some time with yourself? We all tend to engage in something external, often ignoring the world within us. But it is only when we dive deep into our soul, that we realize who we truly are.

Here are 6 reasons why you should spend more time with yourself:

1. Being Alone Is Not The Same As Being Lonely

Sitting alone and enjoying your own company

We tend to confuse the word “being alone” with “loneliness”. As a mental and spiritual state, being alone is far from being lonely. Being alone is the natural outcome of our spontaneous self. Remember how you as a child used to be free and full of life? Back then, you never knew what loneliness is.

It is because our childhood is free from hardwired mentality that gives rise to the feeling of being an individual experiencing the world, rather than being the experience itself. As we grow up, we tend to lose our inner spontaneity and develop a sense of separation from our surroundings. This creates the feeling of loneliness.


2.You Get To Know Yourself Better


When you pause and start reflecting on your life, you find that among all the things that you’ve accomplished, there’s a missing piece in the puzzle. You somehow feel empty. So what’s the reason? Your own self. You have always thought of others and the society around you, but have never got the time or energy to really work on yourself. But things can change.

You see, when you start spending some time alone, you start doing things that you could never do when engaged with the external world. This spontaneous action comes from within. It is the activity that was ceased under societal obligations. In other worlds you start doing what you always wanted to do, thus getting the opportunity to know yourself better.


3. You Learn To Value Yourself

Everything Changes When You Begin To Love Yourself

While others are important in our lives, we should realize there’s nothing more valuable than ourselves. Valuing yourself is not a bad thing. The faster you learn this, the better. Self worth is of prime importance when it comes to happiness.

In our society we’re taught to undervalue ourselves in pursuit of fulfilling expectations. People get lost in this process without realizing that our souls are tuned to be free. The more self-love and nourishment it receives, the better it thrives. So learn to value yourselves first, and then the world around you.


4. Your Life Gets Aligned With Your Purpose

The universe isolates you so you can find your soul's purpose

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the purpose of your life? What is it that drives you at the very core? No, i guess. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Seldom do people get the time and energy to inquire such thoughts. Whatever be the reason, there is no denying that our lives are hollow shells until we align it with our purpose.

Look at the great leaders who have walked the earth. They could never achieve what they’re known for had they not aligned their lives with their purpose. It is imperative that you identify what you want and then harmonize it with your daily life.


5. You Learn To Accept Yourself

The world is always engaged in forging expectations for people. And we end up getting trapped in this never-ending cycle fulfilling parameters set by others. Whenever we try to focus on ourselves, we’re looked down upon by our peers. This sets us on a guilt trip that eventually compels us to leave behind our original self and put on a fake persona.

But if you spend some time alone, you’ll find that there’s nothing more harmonious than making peace with yourself. This includes addressing your flaws and accepting who you really are. You don’t have to fulfill others expectations. You’re here to be you.


6. You Discover The Power Of Silence

Silence & Smile Are Two Powerful Tools

In this fast paced world, we’re always locked into some form of activity. There is hardly a moment when we get to enjoy the bliss of silence. But it is always in this silence that great ideas are born. You can consider it the cradle of creativity.

Without silence, there can be no music.

Without silence there can be no beginning of a dynamic process. Silence helps the mind recover from its wounds and re-establish the contemplative power of the human psyche.


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