If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go


If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

It’s time to let her go….

If you think your partner is not fulfilling your needs or you are seeking those needs from others or you feel obligated to stay with her and don’t love her completely, then it’s time to let her go.

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It is okay to fall in love with a person whom we don’t like. But, the only problem with such relationships is it falls apart during tough times.

Couples with healthy love life work hard to get through arguments, conflicts and a range of relationship issues. When you don’t love her, how can you get “I’m-going-to-get-through-this” attitude?

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Love is a complicated thing. In one moment you may feel euphoric and the next moment you may feel stressed out for compromising yourself. You may say ‘I Love You” but you are not in love with her. The thought of hurting her may tempt you to stay in a relationship even when it is not the best fit. Because you care for her, but it’s not at all – love.

If You Don't Love All Of Her Let Her Go

Don’t you think that you’re doing her a favor

It is silly to think that you’re doing her a favor though you want to get rid of her desperately. When you are 100% sure that break up is really what you want, you cannot love her the way she deserves to be loved.

The guilt of inflicting pain is forcing you to help and care for her. That’s nothing but selfishness. And she deserves better than that especially when she is head over heels in love with you. 

If your eyes don’t dance across those tiny freckles above her lips, then let her go. If you don’t fail to notice her innocence or that twinkle in her eyes when you’re in front of her eyes, let her go. If you cant respect the differences or accept her flaws, let her go. If you can’t put up with her mid-night cravings or child-like demands or crankiness when she tired, let her go. If you don’t enjoy the way she flirts with you and all those sweet surprises to make you happy, let her go.

Because she is beautiful with her imperfections, cranky when tired,  immatured at times, and she is all over that. There is no way you can pick and pull some peices of her. You have to love the whole of her. 

Find joy in the story you're actually living

You can’t ask her to change her identity. Only an idiot can expect that. 

There is no magic solution to let her go

I know break-up sucks! It’s going to be uncomfortable for both of you. No matter how intimidating it may seem, making her hold on to avoid guilt or emotional roller coaster isn’t fair.

Your fake love is not making her feel better. You’re not saving her from heartbreak. You are blocking her way to real love. Let her go so that she can find out someone who looks at her like she’s his whole world and truly loves every part of her.

Let Go Of Control

Someone will respect her, be patient when she becomes whiny and noisy or laugh lout loud foolishly, sacrifice his comfort to make her happier, deal with her mood swings, comfort her during highs and lows, never stop pursuing even after being with her for years.

Life is full of ups and downs and so are relationships. A perfect relationship is a myth. Every human being has positive and a dark side, but you have to love them through their good and bad attitudes.

There is a lot of hard work, love, and constant effort behind “they lived happily ever after”. 

If you can’t enjoy both storms and rainbows, let her go. Ending relationships with her is more like a blessing than breaking her heart.

Watch out this interesting video on how to move on and let go & leave your past in the past:


Let her be alone, don’t make her feel alone

Be a man, let her go

Nothing can be worse than sharing life with someone who makes you feel alone, hopeless and worthless. Such life is worse than being alone.

You are not only killing your own happiness, but hurting her more with half-hearted love and affection. This makes you a selfish and shitty person.

So, cut the crap and face your guilt for wanting to break up. Though terrible, it’s the right thing to let her go. Accept that there is no easy way out.

Muster up the courage to say good-bye face to face. Don’t be scared to break her heart because you have already found someone new. She doesn’t deserve to be with a shitty person like you.

Once you have made the decision, please stick to it unless you want to love her to the moon and back. Choose the time and place thoughtfully. Start with a positive note, say what worked and what didn’t. Have enough patience, if she freaks out (quite natural though) and showers you with questions. Answer her with complete honesty.

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Let her go and she will feel better eventually.

She deserves to let go because she deserves someone better than you. So that she can be more beautiful than you will ever be. So that she can find the person who loves her unconditionally and certain to marry her and be with her forever.

If You Don't love all of her
If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go
If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

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    Lisbeth Salander

    Thanks .. some people may b like to stay dumb and have this fake feeling that everyone loves them. But do they all love a lie or did they settle to love the truth ?

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