5 Reasons Why Letting Go Of Love That Hurts Is Good For You

5 Reasons Why Letting Go Of Love That Hurts Is Good For You

Are you really struggling with a toxic relationship and wondering if letting go of love that hurts might be the right thing to do?

Does the thought of ending it fill you with pain and despair because you know how hard it will be to break away from your person? Are you worried that if you leave this person you will never love or be loved again?

Unfortunately, it is these two thoughts that keep people in relationships that are painful and toxic. I am here to tell you that getting out of them, while it might be painful, is the best chance that you have at happiness.

How? Let me share.

1. Toxic relationships are distracting.

A big reason why letting go of love that hurts is essential for a good life is that being in a toxic relationship can make it hard to focus at work and in life.

How much time do you think about your relationship? Do you find it hard to concentrate at work because you are replaying the fight you had over the weekend?

Do you find yourself sitting in your car, wondering what would be next for you if you left your person, only to find that twenty minutes have passed and you had no idea?

Is getting dinner and helping with homework more than you can handle somedays because you are so preoccupied with the pain you are in?

Being in a toxic relationship can make it impossible to be present in your everyday life. Letting go of love that hurts is exactly what you need to do before obsessing about it gets in the way of your job or your kids’ mental health.

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2. You are not healthy.

In many ways, being in a toxic relationship is worse than pneumonia or the flu.

When you are deeply unhappy, your health will deteriorate. Your obsessive thoughts might keep you up nights and you might not be sleeping well. Depression might be preventing you from getting outside and interacting with friends. You might be eating too much, or too little, not nourishing your body the way you should.

If you are in a toxic relationship, one that is causing you nothing but pain, letting go of love that hurts might be exactly what you need to regain your health.

Imagine spending the rest of your life living with this unhealthy behavior? Can you imagine how that would feel? Not so good I am guessing.

3. True love will be elusive.

If you are wasting your time staying in a toxic relationship because you fear the hurt that you will feel, or the hurt that you will cause another person, know that staying in this relationship will guarantee that you will never find the person who will love you truly.

If every moment of your day is spent obsessing about how unhappy you are or how much you want out of this relationship, you will have no energy to put out to the world to attract happiness. Instead, you will attract nothing but darkness because like attracts like.

And, obviously, if you are in a relationship, the chances of you finding another relationship are virtually zero.

Letting go of love that hurts might be painful at the moment, and maybe for a few moments, but if you can get away from this toxic relationship you have a much better chance of finding the love that you want and deserve.

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4.  It will be good for your person.

I remember when I was married and I was brutally unhappy, whenever I considered leaving my husband part of what I considered was that it would be better for him if we were apart.

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