The ONE Trait That Makes You Extremely Attractive According to Psychologists



Did you ever try to find out why you get this weird tingling sensation in your stomach when you find someone who you instantly like more than others? Psychologists have finally found one trait that makes you attractive.

Personally, I was never really convinced with the idea of ‘love at first sight’ but what I do really believe in is being really attracted to someone for unknown reasons.

Sometimes you are even unable to explain to your friends why you are head over heels for a particular person because from someone else’s sight, they are absolutely basic.

Even after years of human existence, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time is – what are the factors which attract a person to the other. (Here is a related post on most physically attractive zodiac sign female.)

If you ever watch a couple of advertisements on Television, precisely the ones for deodorants, you’ll realize how the commercial industry mounds our mind into believing that it’s probably the perfume or a particular kind of hair gel or a specific lipstick shade which becomes the reason of attraction.

Even though it can play a minor role in attracting someone, anything objective in nature cannot be the sole reason for being attractive.

The reason why these minor things bother us is because of all of us, either openly or deep down, want to be attractive and noticeable on all terms, physically, spiritually and mentally.

However, it is impossible to state the exact reason or ways of being attractive. Different people are attracted to different aspects.

Some people focus only on the physical shape of the other person, whereas some are driven towards the intellect of the other.

Attraction is a vast topic and it shall only be foolish to try and pin down the exact reasons as it varies from person to person.

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The reason why the topic of ‘attraction’ is interesting to science is that it is always open to millions of interpretations and reasons.

The scientists all around the world could help but research on this thought-provoking topic. Even though it might not be perfect in all aspects but it does have some solid surface which backs up the theory.

The scientist and professors of the University of Lubeck had made nearly 100 recruitments go through a particular kind of experiment to find the one trait that makes you attractive.

The recruitments comprised of 50 men and 50 women. There were two experiments held. One of which was a study or behaviour whereas the other was an observation of behaviour as well as brain activity through the use of MRI technology.

Both the groups were made to watch 6 videos of women who expressed their fear or sadness. After which they were asked to evaluate the women’s emotions and describe the level of confidence in their answers.

In the first experiment, the researchers asked each recruitment about their level of attraction towards each woman and also used the motivational behavioural framework to determine their attraction.

In the second, they used FMRI images to measure activity in the brain’s “reward system” that is present during interpersonal attraction. The researchers were then able to compare the subjects’ self-reported level of attraction with the observed brain activity.

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It came to everyone as a shock that the main predator of attraction was nothing physical but rather the emotional understanding. But honestly, the result can be considered to be a positive one.

Being successful in understanding a woman’s emotional state, a participant felt rather more attracted to her. The neurological imaging further confirmed it. To quote Silke Anders, author of the study and professor of Social and Affective Neuroscience,

“What I believe makes our findings really exciting is the fact that understanding and personal attraction seem to depend on both the sender’s brain and the perceiver’s brain, and on how well they match.”

Other than that, it is also been found out that probably one of the other main reasons for attraction is the emotional connection between two people. The similarity between the brain circuitry also brings two people closer.

Researchers also found that brain activity within the anterior insular cortex (the region of the brain associated with emotional awareness) and the ventral striatum (the “reward system”) are very similar.

They are interdependent on each other, hence being emotionally connected to someone increases the attractiveness towards that person. This is why, when we are truly attracted to someone, we are eager to know about their true emotions.

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It can also be said that instant attraction is a result of physical and genetic compatibility.

To conclude this research, it can be justified that emotional bond between two people is the sole reason for attraction between them. It is the one trait that makes you attractive.

Perhaps, this is why Judith Orloff once wrote,

“I don’t care how intelligent or attractive someone is, if he zaps your energy, he isn’t for you. True chemistry is more than intellectual compatibility. Beyond surfaces, you must be intuitively at ease.”

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The ONE Trait That Makes You Extremely Attractive According to Psychologists
The ONE Trait That Makes You Extremely Attractive According to Psychologists
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  1. Mila Avatar

    I was married for 22 years and realized we had nothing in common, but I though he was the “love of my life” and the fact that “opposites attract” was merely as not as close to happiness for me; instead, a negative influence on our relationship all this time. He was always a narcissistic and I just lived the illusion of having found my “one true love”. Got separated by distance due to a health emergency for me, so he then managed to make me feel more disconnected than ever, knowing I was going through a lot medically. He started being negligent on his feelings towards the relationship until I had to take a plane to confront him and finally found him cheating in the house we lived together. In the end, was never love or any kind of connection, just the allure of a liar and the cheater he always was, and being his third wife, it’s something I should’ve known since I met him😔

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