10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To

10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To

10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To

“People trust their eyes above all else – but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there”
― Zoë Marriott

Deception is a sign of things that may not be right when you are in a relationship. Liars have a tendency to dupe their most trusted ones without even batting an eyelid. The master of deception can conceal the truth effectively and the promise of a smart individual lies in detecting the signs of untrustworthiness when faced with one.

Find below 10 Obvious Signs of deception, that say you are being lied to by someone

10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To

1. Not maintaining repeated eye contact:

Avoiding eye contact makes a person a liar. The lack of eye contact would mean that the person you are in connecting with is uncomfortable with you in social situations. If you hold the person holds his or her gaze for a long time, the person is actually lying and is trustworthy.

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2. The way the person blinks:

The rate of blinking is a strong precursor of being lied to later. The fast and very slow blinking will indicate that the speaker is not telling the truth.

3. Words that often prove honesty:

There is a trust bias wherein people tend to believe other people more than not believing them. Language that implores into making the other believe is often a tool to dupe the others. Words such as “I swear to God” and “Seriously” can mean that a person is actually lying to you.

4. Crossed arms over chest:

The body language often indicates that a person is hiding surreptitiously behind the guise of crossed arms. Words indicate he or she is lying when they cross their arms over their hearts.

5. When exception words are not used:

Liars often use fewer words to distinguish what they do and what they do not. These often are about “except” or “but”, “guilty” and that could be more of negative emotion than feelings of actual emotions when they lie to you.

6. The speech rate often varies:

Those who lie often speak fast or sometimes slow. This clearly indicates that there is a deception that is quick and most calm themselves down while lying!

7. When the person divulges too many details:

This may sound very complicated, but contextual embedding involves the person giving too many details needlessly.

8. Providing vague and ambivalent descriptions:

Giving paltry and unclear details is often an example of lies. If a person again repeats the same thing, again and again, indicates that the liar is getting the story straight across to his audience by convincing others.

9. Exuding fake smiles and laughing incessantly:

There is often an “emotional leakage” in the face of a person when he or she talks. This is a reliable way to spot the lies. Facial expressions often reveal truths about emotions that mask a lie. A smile with a downturned corner of the mouth indicates that the smile is not real.

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10. Third-party evidence:

Lies can often be read through body language and silence. You can yield significant results by investigating the evidence to back suspicions. The main idea is to confront suspicions and continue to talk without trusting blindly!

10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To
10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To
10 Obvious Signs You’re Being Lied To

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