How To Detect A Lie: 5 Simple Steps

detect a lie

Come on, let’s face it. Everybody lies, and by everybody, I mean EVERYBODY. Every human being is capable of lying, and while some may indulge in white and harmless lies sometimes, some do actually take others for a ride.

Moreover, many studies have suggested that on average, people tell at least 1-2 lies every day. Now before you freak out thinking about how much you are lied to all the time, the good news is that you can detect when someone is lying, and all you have to do is observe them carefully.

If you want to find out if you are being lied to or not, you need to trust your instincts first. Sometimes, your instincts are enough in helping you understand whether someone is telling the truth or not. But in case that doesn’t work, you can study someone’s body language and their behaviors to know for sure about the signs of deception.

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How To Detect A Lie: 5 Steps

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How To Detect A Lie: 5 Simple Steps

1. Hand movements and gestures.

detect a lie hand ges
How To Detect A Lie: 5 Simple Steps

A person’s hand gestures can tell you a lot about them, and whether they are being honest or not. When someone’s palms are facing open and are displayed while talking to you, it indicates that they are being honest with you, and you can trust what they are saying.

If you notice that the person you are talking to, is constantly clenching their hands, or have kept their hands clenched for the entire duration of the conversation, then there’s a lot of concealed disagreement, aggression, dishonesty, and distress beneath their words and personality.

If you constantly see that someone is keeping their hands in their pockets, and hardly taking them out, it’s a sure shot sign of lying. They have a lot to hide from you, and the reason why they are keeping their hands in their pockets is that they are thoroughly distressed and apprehensive about you finding out the truth.

2. Eye Movements

detect a lie eye mov
How To Detect A Lie: 5 Simple Steps

One of the best ways to detect if someone is lying to you is by watching their eye movements very carefully. Eyes truly speak a lot, and that’s why if you carefully follow someone’s eye movements, you will be able to correctly detect whether they have good intentions, or not so good intentions.

Looking to the left

Looking to the left generally denotes dishonesty, and when someone looks to their left while talking to you, there’s a strong chance that they are bluffing.

  • If someone is looking left but upwards, chances are they cooking up a lie visually.
  • When someone looks to their left, but sideways, they are probably creating a lie orally.
  • When someone is looking to their left, but downwards, they might be thinking about something they did.
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How To Detect A Lie: 5 Simple Steps

Looking to the right

Looking to the right generally denotes honesty and transparency, and if someone you are talking to keeps on darting their eyes to the right, know that you can trust them.

  • If someone is looking to their right but upwards, chances are they are imagining something that has already happened, i.e. visual imagination.
  • If they are looking to their right, but sideways, they are probably thinking about something they have heard.
  • If someone is looking to their right, but downwards, there’s a strong chance they are talking to themselves.

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Eye contact

  • If someone is deliberately and intentionally making eye contact with you, then it’s a sign of a liar trying to seem honest and sincere.
  • If someone is looking straight ahead but has a very lost and glassy look in their eyes, they are visually thinking of something that has already happened.
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