Ambivert Traits: 10 Signs You Are Not An Introvert Or An Extrovert

Signs Of An Ambivert Traits

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? If you are neither, then you probably have ambivert traits, which means the best of both worlds! When you have an ambivert personality type, you fall in the middle of the introversion and extroversion spectrum, AKA ambiversion.

Personality traits exist on a continuum and most of us aren’t just introverts or extroverts –we fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It is most difficult for anyone to fall exclusively in either of the extremities. Every individual is unique and compartmentalizing them to restricted personality types is almost next to impossible.

According to a study conducted by Adam Grant in The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, two–thirds of people were Ambiverts – who had both introverted and extroverted tendencies.

Let’s consider Introversion and Extroversion as a spectrum, where Ambiversion lies in the middle.

Ambiverts are flexible people who can easily fit in with either extroverts or introverts. They are in an advantageous position that way.

Another interesting myth that was busted during Grant’s study was that Extroverts are good salespeople. His study proved that ambiverts’ greater social flexibility helped them to outsell other groups, moving 51% more product per hour than the average salesperson.

Let’s find out the traits of an ambivert and the defining signs you’re an ambivert.

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Signs of an ambivert
Ambivert signs

10 Defining Ambivert Traits

1. You have traits of introversion and extroversion.

The terms introversion and extroversion were popularized by Carl Jung.

Extroverts feel energetic by attending social gatherings. They are outgoing, love being the center of attention at a party, and like to talk things out with people.

Introverts gain energy by spending their time in solitude. They prefer substantially deeper conversation to a large social setup and prefer to live in their thoughts rather than speaking too much with others.

Do you feel that you identify with the traits on both sides of the spectrum? Then you’re an Ambivert.

According to Paulette Kouffman Sherman, Psy.D, psychologist, and author of The Book of Sacred Baths, if you‘re an Ambivert, you’re emotionally flexible.

Ambiverts can get energy from being with people and from being alone and they can be self-reflective in situations and also work things through by talking with others.” – Sherman.

2. You like social gatherings as much as you crave alone time.

When you have an ambivert personality, sometimes you are outgoing and like spending time with people who you are comfortable with and sometimes it entirely exhausts you.

You go through constant shifts in phases where you want to go out with friends and spend time and phases wherein you want to retire in your zone to recharge yourself.

The trick is to be self-aware and plan your activities accordingly – being alone when you feel drained of energy and being social and engaging in outdoor activities.

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3. You are productive in both solo and group work assignments.

One of the major signs of an ambivert is that you will excel both in solo activities and in group work assignments which require active interactions among members.

“This is because ambiverts can draw on extroverted traits while they’re in group settings, feeding off the energy and creativity, facilitating conversations and amping up the brainstorming, and they can also back off and give air time to others in the group without having to take over,” explains Grant Brenner, MD, a Manhattan-based psychiatrist.

“When they are working alone, they can use their introverted traits to buckle down and dig deep, pulling the assignment together with the group in mind,” adds Dr. Brenner.

4. You are an excellent communicator.

One of the major ambivert traits is this one. You can mold yourself according to the demand of the situation. You equally enjoy small talk at a party, with a stranger as much as you enjoy meaningful and philosophical conversations. You are very intuitive and can gauge when it’s appropriate to speak and when you should listen instead.

Because you have traits of both extroversion and introversion you can express your ideas very comprehensively and you also are a good listener when required. This is what makes an excellent communicator.

5. You can blend with a range of different personalities.

Since you have traits of both introversion and extroversion; you can get along easily with both introverts and extroverts. You can easily blend in with a variety of personalities, without feeling uncomfortable.

You are very good at creating connections with people, and this is one of the defining characteristics of an ambivert. This superpower of yours always makes you the most popular person in the room.

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6. You’re comfortable in most environments.

One of the prominent ambivert traits is that you can thrive in both stimulating and nonstimulating environments. You can enjoy a calm and soothing morning walk as much as you can enjoy loud music at a party.

“Because they gain energy both from spending time with others and from alone time, most situations and environments can suit them,” Dr. Brenner says.

They are flexible, which can help them to speak to crowds and spend time alone in a work setting in front of a computer researching or writing.” – Dr. Brenner 

Ambivert traits

7. You can be indecisive and unpredictable.

Since you enjoy both alone time and spending time with people, sometimes you might just get confused and become indecisive as to what you want to do.

Sometimes you might be confused between two lucrative ideas of either going out for a brunch with friends or sitting at home and watching a movie. Because both the options seem equally exciting to you.

At other times, you might fail to comprehend your mood.

“When you find yourself in a social situation that you’re not in the mood for, you might become irritable or unusually quiet,” says Dr. Brenner.

“Or, you may find yourself completely bored when you’re alone at home, even though you know in the back of your mind there’s a book you’ve been meaning to read forever or a project you have to do.”

8. You have a love-hate relationship with social media.

If you are an ambivert, then you have a love-hate relationship with social media. A part of you wants to stay in touch with people and seek pleasure from social interactions while a part of you seeks alone time and is indifferent to what is going on on social media.

Social media does intrigue and excite you at times, but then there are also times when you just want to switch off your phone and go on a digital detox. Like, we said before, the best of both worlds.

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9. Your friends come to you for advice.

Since you have the traits of both Introversion and extroversion, your wisdom and balance attract your friends to you for advice.

They know that you can be a good listener and that you are also observant, perceptive, and intuitive. The amalgamation of characteristics from both personality types gives you the extra wisdom which your friends seek from you.

10. You have great entrepreneurial qualities.

Wharton’s study has proved that it’s actually ambiverts and not extroverts who excel the most at sales. Being an ambivert, you know exactly how to appeal to someone and get the job done.

Also, if you are an Ambivert you can be a great leader because you can understand the thoughts of both your introverted and extroverted co-workers with ease.

You have a calm and balanced approach with the right blend of assertiveness and enthusiasm that makes people respect you and follow your lead.

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So, these are all the ambivert traits. If you could relate to all or even most of them, then congratulations, you are an ambivert! Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Want to know more about ambivert traits? Check this video out below!

Ambivert traits

Not an Introvert, Not an Extrovert You May Be An Ambivert
What are the traits of an ambivert
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