21 Signs You Are An Ambivert

Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert

When you are someone who has both extroverted as well as introverted qualities, it means that you might actually be an ambivert. So, what are the signs you are an ambivert?

Ambiverts are people who fall in the middle of the extroversion and introversion spectrum. That means that there will be times when you would want to party hard with everyone you know, and then there will also be times when you would want to be left alone with nobody bothering you.

Where introverts are better at listening to others, compared to extroverts who love to talk, you as an ambivert will have no trouble indulging in either. Whether you behave more extroverted or introverted depends on the situation you are in, and most importantly your mood.

21 Signs You Are An Ambivert

signs you are an ambivert
Ambivert signs

1. You are not purely an extrovert or purely an introvert.

This is one of the major signs you are an ambivert. If you have always struggled with choosing between the two, and you have identified with both, then it means that you are an ambivert.

As an ambivert, you have introverted traits like loving alone time, being a deep thinker, a good listener, and at the same time, you also like to be surrounded by people and have impressive social skills.

The best of both worlds, don’t you think?

2. You love to be alone as well as have people around you.

There are days when you want to stay in your little bubble and your own little world, but there are also days when you want to paint the town red.

Alone time and socializing are both appealing to you; it just depends on your mood and what you are feeling like doing. You are fine with both of these scenarios.

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3. You love to talk, but not all the time.

Introverts prefer to be quiet in a conversation, or talk when they think is the right time for them to talk. Extroverts on the other hand sometimes don’t know when to stop talking.

Ambiverts fall right in the middle of this spectrum. They rely on their intuition and read the room before they put in their two cents. If you notice that you have no difficulty making the right decision about when to talk, and when to listen, then you might be an ambivert.

4. You are an amazing listener.

One of the best signs you are an ambivert is that you can perfectly strike a balance between conversing and listening.

You might love talking to people, but you also know when to be quiet and simply listen to someone else talking. You do not always look to be in the limelight, and can be perfectly happy and content just listening to other people talk at times.

5. You feel drained if you socialize too much.

Even though you love meeting your friends, and spending time with them, too much of it can end up draining you.

The essence of being an ambivert is being balanced, and anything in excess is not something you like. Too much mingling with people will make you crave some alone time, which can help you recharge yourself.

6. You feel bored if you have too much alone time.

Just like too much socializing bums you out after a point, too much alone time can end up making you feel bored and down.

Introverts can spend time alone forever if given the opportunity, but unlike them, you crave some human company when you have had enough of your personal space.

How it feels to be an ambivert
What does mean to be ambiverted

7. You find it tough to assert yourself at times.

If you are an ambiverted person, you know how tricky it can be for you to assert yourself and make your point in certain situations.

You end up feeling confused about when you should intervene and give your opinion, or when you should just keep your mouth shut. Though when you really try, you nail it.

8. You love good conversations but also respect silence.

Unlike extroverts who love to talk, talk, and then talk some more, you value silence a lot. You might be blessed with the gift of the gab, but you acknowledge silence when it is needed.

You never feel the need to fill up the silence with a superficial conversation, and unnecessary comments, as the occasional silence does not make you uncomfortable in any way.

9. You relate to both introverts and extroverts.

When you read something on the internet about introverts, you say “Oh, that’s me!”. And when you read something about extroverts, you say, “Oh, that’s me too!”.

That’s the beauty of being an ambivert, you get to experience the best of both worlds, and that is why people always have a great time with you. And this is one of the biggest signs you are an ambivert.

10. You are always happy with your weekend shenanigans.

Whether you choose to stay at home for the weekend or go out partying, you are always happy with whatever you do. Being an introvert or an extrovert means either not doing anything at all, or going absolutely crazy; with you, you are fine with either of the options.

You will thoroughly enjoy yourself sitting at home binging on movies, and you will also enjoy yourself dancing at the hottest party in town.

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11. You are emotionally steady in almost every situation.

Extroverts tend to thrive in louder and more happening places, whereas introverts prefer quieter places and situations. An extrovert will feel emotionally unstable and uncomfortable in quiet places, and an introvert will find it challenging to behave normally in loud places.

But, if you are an ambivert, you will flourish in both these situations, due to your adaptable nature. You will feel at the place at a rock concert, as well as at a yoga retreat.

12. You like small talk, but you adore deep conversations.

Introverts despise small talk and stay miles away from it, and always look to have deeper and more intimate conversations. Extroverts are more on the chatty side, love talking about anything and everything, and don’t really think too much about deeper conversations.

Ambiverts are fine with both, though you have a soft corner for deep and philosophical conversations.

13. You have tons of friends, along with a few close friends.

Introverts like being friends with just a few people who they can fully trust, whereas extroverts can be friends with literally anyone and everyone.

Ambiverts tend to have both: they have innumerable people as friends, but also a few close friends who they trust completely and consider like family in their lives.

14. You like teamwork as well as being the sole fighter.

Again, balance is the middle name of ambiverts and they do a good job in group projects as well as in projects in which they have to work alone. This is one of the biggest signs you are an ambivert.

You have the talent and confidence of going at it alone, but they also value teamwork and working together collectively.

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15. You like the limelight, but not too much of it.

You like being the center of attention, and you love it when people praise, acknowledge, and appreciate you.

But you might actually be an ambivert when the spotlight becomes too much for you, and you feel the need to escape from it. When everything becomes too much, you can’t wait to shift it to someone else or simply go back home into your little bubble.

How it feels to be an ambivert
What does ambivert mean

16. You know how to balance everything out.

You have a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – if you’re with someone loud, you’ll be quieter. If they’re quiet, you’ll compensate for that and bring out your energetic, extroverted side.

That is why, you are the life of the party, as well as the wise soul in the group, depending on the kind of people you are with.

17. You are intuitive.

You’re known to be quite intuitive and good at picking up signals that other people can miss.

You have a keen eye and are very good at gauging people and their real intentions, which is why most of your friends always come to you for good and truthful advice. That is why even though you have many friends when it comes to close friends, you have only a few.

18. You can get along with everyone very easily.

Since you have both introverted and extroverted traits, you find it easy to get along with everyone.

If you are hanging out with an introvert, your own introverted side will come out, and if you are hanging out with an extrovert, your extroverted traits will be dominant. You can mix with various kinds of personalities with the utmost ease.

19. You have a bittersweet relationship with social media.

When it comes to social media, there are times when you are glued to your phone and keep on scrolling through your feed.

There are also times when you are completely indifferent towards it, and you could not care less about who went to which restaurant for dinner, or who is having babies.

20. You can be a successful businessperson.

As an ambivert, you are someone with phenomenal leadership qualities, and you can sell literally anything with your charm and convincing prowess.

Because you have the ability to mingle well with everyone, people look up to you and feel comfortable taking orders from you.

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21. You can be indecisive at times.

This is probably one of the subtle signs you are an ambivert. Because you like to spend alone time and socialize equally, that leads you to feel confused and indecisive at times.

You might feel it’s a better idea to stay at home, but then you think about all the fun you can have outside. Similarly, when you think about going out, you might want to stay in. This indecisiveness of yours sometimes stresses you out to no end.

So, did you relate to most of these traits here? If yes, then congratulations, you might be an ambivert!

Want to know more about the signs you are an ambivert? Check this video out below!

Signs you are an ambivert

21 Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert
What is an ambivert
Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert Pin
Signs ambivert
Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert pinex
Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert pin

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