Love secrets of the Signs

We can’t get more detailed oriented than this. We just finished working on bringing you the logistics of a heterosexual relationship with each zodiac sign. Find out your compatibility with every sign under the sun, plus an in-depth reading and description on how you feel and deal with love. Plus, you’ll love of for this list and our psychic prowess and thank our predictive astrology sensibilities in the realms of love.


The Ram is exciting and full of energy. You always have a lot going on in your life and have little tolerance for boredom—which brings us to guys. You are impulsive in love and life. When you set your sights on a guy, you go for it with gusto. You need someone who can stand up to your Aries energy, but who’s also willing to play second fiddle (at least once in a while!). Since you’re so busy, the last thing you need is an insecure guy who needs a lot of reassurance. Do’s and don’ts: Do use your charm and courage to your advantage.

Interested in someone? Find out what he likes and approach him. Just stop long enough to ask yourself if he likes you back. Don’t waste your boundless energy on the wrong guy.

You and an Aries Guy: Best short and sweet. You may be too much alike for forever, but it’ll be a wild ride while it lasts.

You and a Taurus Guy: Too stubborn for you. There can be only one leader—and you’re it! He’ll bound away huffing and puffing.

You and a Gemini Guy: Best sign to flirt with! There aren’t two signs more suited for fun. Just watch Gemini’s fickle side—you could just be hitting your stride when he disappears out the door.

You and a Cancer Guy: No wimps need apply. You’d end up running all over this one. Aries just want to have fun—you have no time to fill his emotional needs!

You and a Leo Guy: Match made in heaven! Be loyal to your Lion and he will romance you with lavish gifts and lots of attention. Just don’t try to dominate him too much or he’ll let you know who rules!

You and a Virgo Guy: He’s downright boring and way too critical! Skip the Virgo—the only thing he is good for is helping you with exams and papers.

You and a Libra Guy: Most popular couple. Watch for Libra’s need to refine you, and don’t try to throw off his delicate balance. Success in smaller doses.

You and a Scorpio Guy: Avoid him like the plague! You have too much in common—you both have explosive energy and you both like to be in charge. Better stay friends.

You and a Sagittarius Guy: Fast friends and sweethearts. You guys are on one big adventure, but you just can’t slow down enough to focus on each other for long periods of time. You have a short attention span—the Sag’s is shorter!

You and a Capricorn Guy: The worst possible match! Capricorns like to be very serious and sulky, while you make even the most dull task fun.

You and an Aquarius Guy: You bring out the best in each other: exploring, coming up with ways to change the world. He’s all talk, you’re all action—if you play along, you’ll have a great time!

You and the Pisces Guy: Fun first date—then downhill quickly! A Pisces guy would love all your energy, but after a little while he’d feel chewed to pieces.