Aquarius: The Sign Most Likely To Be A Successful Celebrity, according to Studies

Aquarius: The Sign Most Likely To Be A Successful Celebrity, according to Studies

Want to be successful? According to a new study, being an Aquarius is more likely to turn you into a successful celebrity!

Are you born between late December and March? Congratulations! You are an Aquarian and are most likely to become a celebrity then.

Aquarians tend to be famous people. Astrology dictates many things; it pushes away the barriers of your dilemma in order to bring out the best in your career and life too. Your birth month speaks a lot more than you can ever imagine- which is beyond imagination.

You have probably been engrossed in many astrological readings before, but this research especially promotes the Aquarius people leading them to probe deeper into their career, and climb the ladder of success.

A wise person, being an academician, refers to people born between the months of December to March to be fruitful in the area of their school and thereby succeed. He merges this undecidedly with astrology. He does not indulge much but certainly marks that astrology can be very useful in understanding human patterns.

Delving into the Comprehensive Psychology journal, dubious research stating the linking of astrology with celebrity status was implemented by Dr. Mark Hamilton from the University of Connecticut. He goes on explaining a fact that children who are born nearer to the starting of their school session as in September are likely to shine and succeed. He termed the births of children relative to their schoolmates as relative age.

He went on saying, “Higher performance on mental and physical tasks during childhood development would promote ambition”. If this elongated period of 12 years of education is perfectly carried on, then this prolonged achievement will conclude in personal triumph.

Though he exclaims that distant stars don’t really exercise any effect on humans, but again, in one of his paper he has told that astrology does have an acknowledging effect on people’s success.

Dr. Jeremy Genovese from The State University of Cleveland averted this link of astrology with success and retaliated that such findings ‘simply an artifact of assigning an arbitrary starting point to the zodiac signs and, consequently, the data, do not support the validity of astrology. Dr. Hamilton contradicts it and further says that astrology does have featuring effects on a person’s life.

On speaking about star signs, he substantiates that some star signs are ‘assertive’ and some ‘passive’. Fortunately, of all 12 the zodiac signs, Gemini, Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, and Libra are considered to be ‘assertive‘.

Aquarius can be definitely considered among the lucky stars. He even said further that people born from late December to early March are considered ‘wet’ and are prone to enjoy celebrity status. The ‘brightness’ of a star sign is an indicator of the person’s nature, and Aquarius is apt in being ‘bright’, ‘wet’ and ‘assertive’.

On looking at a set of 300 celebrities who are involved in the fields of politics, literature, science, arts, and sports, public services, and more, the majority were found to be Aquarians.

He noticed that birth dates were scattered all over the year but the ‘wet’ signs were merged with celebrity status and also signs allocated as ‘bright’ and ‘fixed’.

When talking about celebrity status, some names of famous Aquarians must be mentioned like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Ellen DeGeneres, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer Aniston, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Mary I of England, Paris Hilton, Gucci Mane, Thomas Edison, Virginia Woolf and so more.

Dr. Hamilton does not rigidly acquaint astrology but some kind of periodic aftermath for sure. He adds that astrology is not direct in its approach but its aspects are interrogative which examines the decoration of human life.

So, all the Aquarians reading this, you can be an upcoming celebrity. And, that is all the more reason why you should work hard to hit the deadlines for a noble cause.

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Aquarius: The Sign Most Likely To Be A Successful Celebrity, according to Studies
Aquarius: The Sign Most Likely To Be A Successful Celebrity, according to Studies

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