How Letting Go Of A Toxic Relationship Can Save Your Life

Letting Go Toxic Relationship Can Save Your Life

Are you struggling with letting go of a toxic relationship and are you looking for another reason to do so?

Leaving any relationship, even a toxic one, is very difficult. Our friends and family encourage us to do so, and perhaps we recognize that we should, but sometimes it’s hard to take that final step. We cast about for reasons, hoping there will be one that is the final nail in the coffin, the thing that gives us the strength to leave.

Well, how about I give you 5 of them. 5 reasons why letting go of a toxic relationship can save your life.


1) Your body will get strong.

Did you know that the day in day out the stress of a toxic relationship can take a huge toll on your body?

Have you noticed that your headaches a lot, your tummy often hurts, that you have pains in your shoulders or your back that you don’t remember having before?

Being in a toxic relationship can have a significant effect on our physical health. The everyday stress caused by the bad relationship is so damaging to our systems because we never have a break from it. Even when we aren’t with our partner, our minds are preoccupied with the relationship and our bodies are holding the pain.

Imagine if you woke up in the morning, feeling strong, your head clear, your stomach ready for a big breakfast, ready and willing to take on the world. How amazing would that be?

Letting go of a toxic relationship can give you physical strength, the strength that just might save your life.


2 – Your mind will heal.

Do spend much, or all, of your time struggling with worries about your life and your relationship? Do you struggle with feelings of hopelessness and dread? Do you wonder if it will ever be possible to be happy again?

If those words describe you at all then you could very well be struggling with anxiety and depression, two things that have the power to rock your world and not in a good way.

People who live with anxiety are plagued with worries about what is, what was and what could be. They obsess about all the things that are wrong with their life and their relationship and this makes it hard to focus on anything else.

People who live with depression are constantly plagued with feelings of hopelessness and dread. They struggle with how horrible their lives are every day and they can’t believe that things could ever be different.

If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, struggles that you didn’t have before your present relationship, then letting of a toxic relationship is the very best thing that you can do for your mental health and it just might save your life.


3 – You will have yourself back.

Do you look in the mirror some days and wonder who that person looking back at you is?

Have your months or years being in a toxic relationship sucked the life out of you?

Are you struggling to believe in yourself, in your ability to make it on your own?

Many people who are in a toxic relationship have been worn down by the anger and the sadness and the unkind words, worn down to the point where their self-confidence is shattered and they no longer believe in themselves.

Imagine no longer feeling that way. Imagine no longer being that person who has been worn down so much that they don’t believe they are worthy. Imagine, instead, being a person who is full of self-confidence, who looks at themselves in the mirror and sees someone they know is worthy, worthy of life and love and happiness.

How good would that feel?

4 – You will renew connections.

Many people who are in toxic relationships find that one by one, their connections fall away.

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