How To Finally Let Go Of Someone You Love

How Finally Let Go Of Someone You Love

Letting go of someone you love is always hard, even heartbreaking, and the reason why we can’t let go of someone is because deep inside we still hope that things might get better. But unfortunately, they won’t.

We’ve all been there…

Watching TBS on a Saturday Night, while Facebook stalking an Ex during whatever Sandra Bullock movie has been playing on repeat for the past 8 hours. It doesn’t get any easier when you see pictures of him with someone new. And he’s happy. More happy than you are right now.

How To Finally Let Go Of Someone You Love

Here’s how to let him go and move on:

1. Change Is Just A Natural Part Of Life.

I’m not the most religious person you’ll meet, but I’ve found some important takeaways from Buddhist teachings. In Buddhism there is a word called Dukkha, which refers to all human suffering. Much of that suffering, according to Buddhism, is due to the fact that people are afraid of change.

Change is a constant in our lives. We have happy times, sad times, and relationships begin and end. You will have breakups and you will get through them. The only way to truly embrace happiness, in all phases of life, is to embrace change.

Once you realize that change is constant, you can release yourself from the pressure of trying to control everything. You can’t assume that the life you’re living now will continue forever. The best thing is to live life in the present. That’s how to let go, someone, you love.

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2. Just Because The Relationship Ended, Doesn’t Mean It Was A Failure.

How to let go when you feel like a failure? More importantly, realize that it doesn’t mean that you are a failure. There’s only one way to fail in your love life… by giving up on finding love.

Everything you’ve done in your life has led you up to now. Your experiences have all been incredible learning opportunities. Take something you can learn from the situation and let go of the past. Move forward on the right path with the right strategy.

3. Remove Reminders Of The Person From Your Life.

This is a practical piece of advice. You DON’T need to see pictures of your ex with his new girlfriend on Facebook. You DON’T need to analyze every single one of his tweets, and you definitely DON’T need to wipe your tears with the sweatshirt he left behind.

Realize that your heart is only temporarily bruised and is incredibly resilient. You are not what happened to you… you are what you choose to become. You’re strong, beautiful, and powerful, but only if you believe it. It’s time to close this chapter of your life and rediscover who you are.

Embracing the next chapter of your dating life can be easier than you might imagine… And it all starts with realizing a few key things.

Knowing HOW to let go of a past relationship is just as important as knowing WHEN to let go…

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Yet, it’s the one thing that gets overlooked the most.

Until now.

Your Friend,

Lastly, make sure you go out there and have some fun… because you’re single and you deserve it!

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