The Do’s and Don’ts of Falling and Staying In Love Based on Someone’s Love Language

The Do’s and Don'ts of Falling and Staying In Love Based on Someone's Love Language

Every person has a love language that works best for them. And we have to be aware of this because it can contribute a drastic improvement to our relationships in any aspect.

As for romantic relationships, this works really well since we are committed (or about to commit) to a person who may have the personality that’s totally different from or same with ours. Part of it is their love language. We can’t say we know them very well or committed enough with them if we never bother to know their love language. And so once we discover it, here are the do’s and dont’s of falling and staying in love with them based on that love language:


Words Of Affirmation


1) Give them the verbal signs that you have plans for your relationship.

Talk about it when you’re having dinner, when you’re watching movies, when you’re both doing a house chore, when you’re having coffee or (especially) when you’re about to sleep where you can talk about your visions for your relationship. They need to know that you have a long-term plan for the both of you. They need to know through your words that you are really committed to them.

2) Text them your thoughts about them whenever you’re apart.

Whenever you’re at work, on a family vacation, at the mall, or even when you’re just at home without them around. They need the assurance that they’re always in your mind. This may sound you’re in a high-maintenance relationship but you have to understand this is somehow a need for them.

3) Indulge them with compliments.

Tell them how good they smell, how cute they look while sleeping, how well they carry styles, or how delicious their cookings are. Tell them everything that makes them forget about their imperfections. Or, much better, make them fall in love with their imperfections by accepting them. You can point out their flaws, but tell them they really don’t matter.

Give them support for their endeavors in life by saying things like go for it whenever they talk about their dreams. Positivity from their partner gives them the sense of a good, long-term relationship.



1) Be afraid of giving them reassurance.

Sometimes they just long to hear pieces of reassurance from you, even small ones like no one can replace you or you don’t have to worry or even that random I’m always thinking about your text. No matter how long you’ve been together, a reassurance will always put a big smile on their face.

2) Allow a few minutes of dead-air.

This will make them think you’re not interested in them or you don’t like being with them. Communication is a major signal that someone is really into them.

3) Tell them the sentence “We never know what can happen”.

They hate uncertainties. They consider this a red flag, considering you’re not really after a lifetime relationship with them. Of course you never really know what the future holds, but they need to see you can make a way for everything. Never tell them words that denote uncertainty.

Respond to them in short, scanty messages. If you feel like they want to talk with you whether virtually or personally, please exert energy. Exert enthusiasm. Dig deeper into that conversation. Don’t let them be the only one who’s carrying it.

Acts Of Service


1) Always ask them what you can do as help.

Even if they don’t really need it or if they tell you it’s okay, they already appreciate your willingness.

2) Some little things for them, just because.

It can be making them a cup of coffee with a toast, going to the grocery store with or for them, doing a house chore if you’re living together, bringing them a simple present when you get home or when you see each other or preparing a good meal for them to enjoy a workout. Simple services can make them really happy and they won’t forget it.

3) Show thoughtful gestures.

Open the door for them (even if you’re a lady, you can do this at times especially if he is carrying things). Wait for them at mealtimes. Fetch them from work. Fix a loose button on their coat. Massage their back. Whatever action that confirms you are thinking about them, don’t hesitate to do it.

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