15 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word


15 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word

Those three words, no matter how many times they are told, aren’t enough. But sometimes, saying it before time can be a little overwhelming.

Even though women are known to be the over-thinkers and sensitive ones, but the lesser-known fact is that men are way more nervous and careful when they are genuinely in love with someone. They cross-examine every move before attempting them just to avoid any chance of letting you slip out.

They want you around which is why they make sure they aren’t giving you a reason to walk away. However, it can be a little confusing at times. We’re all humans and sometimes we really need to know if we are loved or not.

So to bring things to midway and meet both ends, here are few things he does that show his love for you. Saying ‘I love you isn’t the only way of confessing your love.

1. He forgets time when he’s kissing you.

No amount of intimacy can take away the importance and essence of good long kisses. If he forgets to keep a track of time when he’s kissing you, then girl! He loves you. The only time a man will get lost in a kiss is when he truly is in love with a woman because for him, that moment, nothing else really matters.

2. He doesn’t like distance.

This might sound really cliché but it’s often seen that even the best-behaved men can’t keep their hands off a woman they love. *inserts Michelle Obama and Barak Obama’s picture for reference*. It isn’t always about being engaged in a sexual act. He just wants to be connected to you in all forms. Always.

3. He’s all ears always.

You need to be a really lucky woman to find someone who loves you and also listens to what you have to say. Most relationships end these days only because one of the two people feels unheard. If he listens to you when you need to vent out, he’s the one.

4. Hand squeezes? Aye, aye, captain!

Let’s face it. There is something abruptly satisfying about hand squeezes. It never goes out of fashion. It’s something so minor but yet so crucial.

5. He rainbows and storms, he stays.

He values you. He understands that there are no rainbows without a little rain. And at the end of the day, we all need someone who doesn’t give up on us. Just that one person who sticks around through thick and thin.

6. He plays with your hair.

Men do not like anyone touching their hair. But if you notice closely, they don’t easily play with someone else’s hair either. He being fond of playing with your hair is just another way of him saying that he’s comfortable with you. And that in my opinion is one of best ways of displaying your love without saying a word.

7. He spends time on deciding your gift.

A gift is just a mere object if it doesn’t have emotions and efforts attached to it. He knows well that you are able of buying things. But when he really spends his time in deciding a perfect gift for you it means that he really wants you to like the gift. He wants the gift to be meaningful and something that holds a significant purpose and position in your life. A million dollar ring can’t do what a little pen can. It’s about what she wants. It also shows that he cares about your likes and dislikes and that he had been noticing everything all along.

8. Spontaneous touches

He maintains a physical contact with you in public. He holds your hand, puts his arms around your shoulder and waist. This is because he is proud to be seen with you. Someone who shows you off in public is just saying that he is glad you are a part of his life.

9. He laughs when he’s with you.

After a long session of laughing randomly at a meme together, that moist eye, it says he loves you.  It takes a lot for a man to open up and laugh loudly. If he puts his guard down and really chills around you, it’s just a way of him saying that he loves you enough to be himself.

10. He matches your manners.

Your guy should be your homie. Well, that’s what they say. If he starts matching your behaviour, he sure is to be in love with you. Ever tried noticing that he takes small steps just because he doesn’t want you to cope up or run while he’s walking? Yes. These are the ways in which he says I love you.

11. He isn’t afraid to make eye contact.

Eyes are indeed the most beautiful thing in a human body. It also is a doorway to your heart and mind. He isn’t afraid of looking you straight in the eye. Only a man who is truly in love with you will look straight in your eye while talking to you. This is because he has nothing to hide. He is bare and raw in front of you.

12. Random calls and texts.

He checks up on you every once in a while. Not because he doesn’t trust you. Only because he knows you smile when you see his text. This is just a little way of saying that he loves and remembers you even when you aren’t around. You’re in his heart and mind.

13. He stands straight.

Human body languages say a lot about them. He stands up straight whenever he is with you. He knows you might lean on him.

14. A smile is on his face after kissing you.

Kissing you makes him happy. That shining smile on his face after a kiss is him saying that he loves you.

15. His friends love you.

He speaks so often and proudly about you in front of his friends that they like you too. How a man speaks about his lady’s conduct when she isn’t around says a lot about what he genuinely feels for her.

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15 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word
15 Ways He Says I LOVE You, Without Ever Saying A Word

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    Rita Ray

    “I Love you ” but there is no example is remaining…..in this world for me….
    You know, I know and all the Universe is known
    The Story of ours…bks.he is the creator of us
    We are the actors on that vast platform and
    We’re trying to give the best performance
    Each other….tragic roles are finished now
    We’re excited together for the Fountain of
    Meeting the original Source and we transparently declared that now we’re the
    Hurricane likewise the rise as the Tide….
    We’re the original player of the COSMOS….
    Guided by the greatest Authority…

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