8 Ways the Emotionally Broken Man Loves Differently

Emotionally Broken Man Loves Differently

An emotionally broken man will love you, and care for you like no other, but sometimes it is the most difficult thing he can ever do.

Our society puts so much pressure on men to be and act like men that they almost forget to experience and indulge in emotions. They become so masculine that emotions aren’t even a part of their everyday life. They forget to show hurt or care or even sometimes they forget to show any signs of stress. But the problem isn’t in the men; it is in our society that trains them to be like ‘men’.

Men can also hurt and have broken hearts. Men can also be emotionally broken. They live in our society and try to somehow deal with their pain silently yet gallantly.

And why?

Again, because society makes them do so.

And these emotionally broken men obviously love in a different way as well.

Here’s How An Emotionally Broken Man Loves Differently

1) He finds it tough to share his problems.

The emotionally broken man has seen it all. He knows what it means to be broken and to get up again and still live life as if everything were normal. He knows how to wake up every day with problems and still show as if nothing is ever wrong. So for the emotionally broken man, he is used to not expressing and sharing his emotions.

He has actually reached a point where problems are “normal”. Now, his reaction to problems is certainly different. If you are with him and ask him about his problems, he will not start a rant about what they have been going through, and will always pretend that he is fine.

In fact, he will just dismiss your question and ask you about your issues and troubles.

The thing is that these men feel just like all of us do but they don’t express like all of us. This is why it is difficult for them to heal and move on from the pain because they don’t even recognize their problems.

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2) He seems to know what he wants.

On the outside, it seems like the emotionally broken man exactly knows what he wants. But does he? Does he have everything together? Perhaps, no. The emotionally broken man is just good at keeping up the pretense of having everything sorted.

He will always behave as if he has the solutions to all the problems that exist but deep inside, he feels broken and alone. He may show that he is complete and fulfilled but internally he is so broken and unfulfilled that you cannot even fathom.

So, if you think he knows what he wants, it only ‘seems’ so. In actuality, he doesn’t know a lot of things and he is also figuring out the things he doesn’t know but somehow he has mastered the pretense of knowing his path and shows as if he is super confident on his journey even though he may not even be sure of the small things he needs.

3) He can be cold at times.

Even the most rigid people, sometimes break. Yes, this is also true for the emotionally broken man. As good as he is at keeping the pretense of being sure-footed and confident, the thing is it sometimes gets too much for him to bear after a point.

But the way he shows emotions is very different. This means that instead of crying and weeping or talking about his feelings, the emotionally broken man just quietly becomes cold. You may also think that he has a mood swing or something but the truth is that he is just numb.

He perhaps has reached a saturation point of feelings and has come to a situation where he isn’t able to have a moment of purgation. What he does instead is that he becomes cold. It is also a reflection of how immune he has become to the things that are going around him. Perhaps, comfortably numb.

4) He never shows his emotions.

Even if he is in the deep abyss of pain and sadness, he won’t give away his emotions.

His resolve to stay quiet is much stronger than his need to express himself. The society and how men are brought up is to be blamed for this. Men aren’t supposed to cry or shed tears even when they are in extreme pain.

The emotionally broken man has also imbibed this. Moreover, men are supposed to be the backbone or the support system of the family.

How can they cry?

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