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30 Things To Do When You Feel Lonely On A Weekend

Things Do When You Feel Lonely On Weekend

Are you still wondering what to do on the weekend while your friends and colleagues are ready to have a grand party? I have compiled a list of things to do when you feel lonely on weekend.

1. Do a Facebook live on Friday night so you can avoid entertaining the thought that nobody has invited you to hang out with them. Write in your video description, “Ask me with your best shot.” even though no one actually watches you.

2. Clean your room for the love of the universe. Make your space be a legit living and breathing headquarters. 

3. Invite your friends, whom you haven’t seen in over a year, over to your house. You will be surprised to discover that friendships remain the same despite the distance and time. 

4. Tell your parents you’re still alive and no need to worry about you spending the weekends at your apartment.

5. Buy 1 liter of ice cream and finish it in one sitting. Panic about gaining weight later. 

6. Make the TV you bought 6 months ago useful by channel surfing in your couch upside down, and realize how weird you are. 

7. Get wasted on Saturday night, advisably by yourself. 

8. Get a paper and list down all your exes in your drunken state just to check if alcohol can still make you remember.

9. Message them on Facebook about the pros and cons of breaking up with you. 

10. Follow up a text the next day that says, “Lol. Was super drunk last night. Kindly ignore the previous message.” 

12. Sleep late, wake up late, because why not? It’s weekend. 

13. Watch “The Intern” and ponder if biking around the office can really make you a great employee.

14. Avoid scrolling too much on Facebook because it’s depressing to see how many people are actually enjoying their weekends outside their homes. 

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15. Hand-wash your handkerchiefs to test if you can survive washing clothes manually when there are going to be electricity shortages in the future.

16. Play the instructional games that are written and drawn behind your cereal boxes just because you feel bored and run out of other things to do.

17. Talk to yourself and pretend you’re being interviewed by Ellen. Oh, and don’t forget to practice your pretentious laugh. 

18. Pick up a book you throw away weeks ago then try to finish reading it. 


19. Close the book after 1 chapter and remember why you threw it away in the first place. 

20. Re-build your LinkedIn profile and pretend like you have your life sorted out at twenty-something. 

21. Look up for airfare ticket costs online and schedule a vacation itinerary.

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22. Check your bank savings, cancel your travel bookings, and announce, “Haha. Just kidding.” 

23. Anxiously think about retirement even if it’s still 40 years away. 

24. Wonder if your boss is impressed by you. 

25. Reflect about your life while sipping a tea in your small kitchen. 

26. Roll your eyes for being too sentimental and decide to write something about life instead. 

27. Look at yourself in the mirror after you take a bath and scream, “Damn! Why are you still single?” 

28. Challenge yourself to memorize Ed Sheeran’s new song in 10 minutes. 

29. Google yourself to find out the level of your “infamousness”.

30. Call for a pizza hut delivery complete meal for 2, then eat alone in your bed on Sunday night, and never feel guilty but giddy about it. 

Feel Lonely On Weekend
When You Feel Lonely On Weekend
Things Do When You Feel Lonely On Weekend Pin

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