What Is Your Hidden Weakness in Love? Take this Language Test To Find Out!

All of us have probably dated more than once but it’s not possible for anyone to be fluent in all the 5 languages of love. According to Dr. Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, your love language is the mode of expression by which you show your love and you prefer to receive the love of your partner.


All of us use at least one of the 5 primary expressions of love:

(1) Spending quality time with our partner.

(2) Receiving gifts from our partner.

(3) Conducting acts of devotion or service.

(4) Saying words of affirmation.

(5) Touching physically.


But while you have a love language of your own, there are certain love languages which are difficult for you to understand and that’s your hidden weaknesses. Most relationships fail because of this.

How then can you understand your love language which is your hidden weakness?


Just take this simple test:

Look at the image and take a note of the first thing you see.

Here is the list of images and their interpretations:


(1) If you saw a man in red, then the love language which is your hidden weakness is quality time:

24 hours isn’t enough for you. Love is a part of the numerous multi-tasking you do. Of course, you’re busy but if you are dating a person whose love language is quality time, then you’re going to lose them if you can’t manage time for them, at least a few hours a week.


(2) If you saw a man on his knees, then the love language which is your hidden weakness is conducting acts of service or devotion:

You can show your partner what you want without dominating them by doing the things you want them to do for you. Showing them that acts of service or devotion aren’t confined to the bedroom, you can do little things for them so that they will understand and reciprocate.


(3) If you saw a hidden face, then the love language which is your hidden weakness is words of affirmation:

You’re scared that your partner might think you’re weak and leave you because you secretly crave words of affirmation from them. But you need to take the chance. The moment your partner understands that you need constant support behind your veil of strength, they will take pride in being that support and the two of you will get closer.


(4) If you saw the man in the shadows, then the love language which is your hidden weakness is both receiving gifts and physical touch:

Okay, so you probably have two weaknesses because you saw the man in the shadows. But there’s nothing to worry. It’s okay to get scared by physical touch but nobody is asking you to have sex in the beginning. Touching their hand while walking or giving them a hug when you meet them shows your love.


If your partner’s language of love is receiving gifts, there’s no reason to panic either. A small token of love like flowers or chocolates work wonders too. All you need to let them know is that you care.

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What Is Your Hidden Weakness in Love Take this Language Test To Find Out!


Emilia Gordon
Born and brought up in Kansas, Emilia is a writer and a social activist.She enjoys travelling and meeting new people
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