A Circle On A Triangle Quiz: This Test Will Tell A Lot About Your Personality

Circle Triangle Quiz Test Will Tell Lot About Your Personality

Here is the circle on the triangle quiz that can reveal a lot about your personality. Amazed? Try it. The triangle represents human beings and the circle represents how you conduct your interactions with them. 

This personality test is partly based on the theory that human beings are attracted to certain shapes and forms based on how our brain functions, our attitudes, education, and personality. Perception of a character’s personality is greatly influenced by shape psychology. Shapes like circle, rectangle and triangle or variations of those shapes, and the way you draw or combine them creates this perception.

For centuries the triangle has symbolized leadership and circle has symbolized harmony. Needless to say, many consider the circle as the symbol for the cycle of life. People who are attracted to triangles are born leaders and those attracted to circles are kind, caring and harmonizers. The way you combine circles and triangles can say a lot more about your way of thinking.

Draw a Circle on a triangle. What does your drawing look like? Find out much about your personality by the position of your circle.


(1) Circle within the triangle

This signifies you are a kind and warm-hearted person:

This signifies you are a warm-hearted and nurturing person. You are always there to help anyone who needs it. You receive strangers with a smile. Your family and friends love you and depend on you a lot. Since you drew the circle in the middle, it means you are always surrounded by human beings. You are very social but you keep your personal life a private affair. You have a close group with whom you share your life.

(2) Circle on the top of the triangle

This signifies you are a calm and confident person:

Placing the circle on the top of the triangle signifies you are conscious of the world around you. You are not extremely detached from your peers and you are not too involved with them, either. You are confident and focused on your own work. You are admired by many because of the interesting things you are doing. You don’t necessarily go around socializing or bonding with people every now and then. You understand your priorities. You do have quite a good number of followers!

(3) Circle around the triangle

It represents that you are a very protective person:

You are always there for people no matter how long you know them. From strangers to your loved ones, you jump into helping them without thinking about the consequences. You are like a guardian to people around you. People come to you for advice and whenever they need anyone to talk to you, they always remember you. You are extremely loyal as well as smarter than others.

(4) A semi-circle around the top of the triangle

This represents you are a very cheerful and supportive person:

You are the ultimate cheerleader! You always encourage others in whatever they do. You feel happy when others succeed. The word ‘jealousy’ doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You are positive and can even make gloomy situations brighter. You boost others’ confidence and a lot of people in town know you.

If you liked this circle on a triangle quiz, then let us know in comments. Also share it with your friends and have fun. 

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