How To Let Go Of A Married Man, Even If You Still Love Him

Let Go Married Man

Are you wondering how to let go of a married man, someone you are madly in love with but who is hurting you over and over and over? If you have been looking around online, you have probably discovered that there are millions of chat boards devoted to just this topic. And they don’t make you hopeful.

The question at hand is: will your guy ever leave his wife and, if he doesn’t, what to do about it and how to let go if you decide to leave?

Knowing ahead of time how to let go of a married man will help you take that big step to let go so that you can be happy and find love again.

Here Is How You Can Let Go Of A Married Man, Even If You Still Love Him

1. Be honest with yourself.

Ok, here you are, reading this article, so you must be thinking about leaving your guy.

Why? I am guessing the reasons are something like this:

  • He keeps breaking his promises.
  • He couldn’t be there on your birthday.
  • You never get to go out anywhere.
  • He puts his family first.
  • You are lonely.
  • You feel horrible about yourself.

Do any of these reasons sound familiar? I am guessing that you have had some version of each of them almost daily since this whole thing began.

It is time for you to start really paying attention to these thoughts, to truly be honest with yourself about the future of your relationship with this man. Yes, you love him but do you truly see the happily ever after up ahead?

I would encourage you to take written stock of all of the hurts and broken promises. Seeing them in a list will make it even clearer to you why you must leave your guy, for once and for all.

Be honest with yourself. It’s time.

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2. Cut him off.

There is only one way that you will be successful at letting go of your guy. And that is if you cut him off completely.

Cut him off on all social media, block him on your phone, absolutely no sex, no late night supportive conversations. No ‘just being friends.’ Nothing.

Knowing how to let go of a married man includes being confident that you can do this because it is key!

Your married guy isn’t going to want to let you go. I mean, why would he with the sex and support that you give him? And because of this, he will use every opportunity that he has to get back in with you. If you leave the door open a crack, he will get it fully open before you know it.

So, if you want to succeed this time at letting go of your married man, I would encourage you to be prepared to go ‘no contact.’ And when you do so, try to take it one day at a time. Don’t think ‘I will never talk to him again’ because that will be overwhelming. Just think ‘I am not going to talk to him today.’ That is way more manageable.

I know it seems impossible right now but you can do it. I did and you can too.

3. Get to know yourself again.

I was involved with a married man once. He was ‘getting separated’ but it took almost a year to make that happen. And in that time, I totally lost myself.

When I met him, I was a single woman, living in New York City, running my own business, and volunteering in the mental health field. I was healthy and happy and living the dream.

When he re-entered my life (I was in love with him in college), I couldn’t have been more prepared for a healthy relationship so I thought I would be just fine waiting for him to leave.

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