35+ Mind Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

35+ Mind Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

9. Your subconscious mind knows better

Ever wonder why our gut instincts are so strong and why things sometimes work out better when we follow it? That’s because our subconscious mind often knows what’s better for us much before our conscious mind understands it. This is why decisions based on intuition or instinct are often better than conscious and educated decisions.

10. Learning is an addiction

One of the most interesting psychology facts is that you are programmed to look for new information and learn as much as we can, even though there might not be any practical purpose for it. We are always driven to seek information due the feel good hormones released by the neurotransmitter dopamine. This is why we are addicted to social media and instantly jump to Google to learn about whatever pops up in our mind.

35+ Mind Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

11. Lazy people are happy people

People who seem lazy are often satisfied with whatever they have as these individuals have an adequate mindset. Hence, they feel more fulfilled and happy with their choices. On the other hand, people who believe in getting the most out of every opportunity tend to be unsatisfied with life as they believe they could have done more.

12. Your memories change with time

35+ Mind Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

Memories are like short films we see inside our minds. And we are the director as well as the viewer.

Every time you remember a particular memory, it changes a little inside your mind. Each time we recall a particular event from the past, we subtly and subconsciously alter it a bit based on our moods and feelings. This is why people tend to have different memories about the same event.

13. If you talk more, you’ll laugh more

You may think you laugh hard after hearing a crazy joke but in reality you will laugh harder after telling that crazy joke. Studies have found that speakers laugh 46 percent more than the listeners. This is why people laugh at their own jokes, even when it’s not funny.

These were some of the most interesting psychology facts that can help you understand yourself and others better.

What’s that? You want more?

Okay! Hold on to your horses. Cause we are not done.


Here are some more quick fun psychological facts that you must know:

  1. The best advice often comes from people who have faced the most challenges.
  2. Text messages wishing good morning & good night activate a particular part of our mind that makes us happy.
  3. You will be happier after you have faced your fears.
  4. You will feel lonely if you try to make everyone else happy as you will ignore your own happiness.
  5. You will require less sleep when you are happy in life.
  6. The chances of divorce is reduced by 70% when we marry our best friend.
  7. If you speak multiple languages, then your personality will change subconsciously with the language you speak.
  8. Studies reveal that good relationships are more important than exercise for longer life.
  9. You will be more creative when you are under pressure and tired.
  10. Love and cocaine has almost the same neurological effect on our minds.
  11. People who volunteer for various causes are happier than people who don’t.
  12. Opposites attract is a myth. We are usually attracted to someone who thinks, behaves and looks like us.
  13. Almost 80 percent of people tend to complain about something when speaking in groups.
  14. We give importance to people who ignore us and ignore people who pay attention to us.
  15. Stress and anxiety is mostly a result of overthinking about problems that don’t even exist in the first place.
  16. Spending time with people who are generally happy will make you happier in life.
  17. Contrary to popular belief, the human brain is poor at multitasking.
  18. We act defensive about certain ideas as we are uncertain about them ourselves.
  19. Research shows that your phobias are memories that have been transferred through DNA by your ancestors.
  20. Rejection and physical pain are treated the same by the human brain
  21. Over 68 percent of people experience Phantom Vibration Syndrome when you feel your phone is vibrating but it’s not.
  22. Late night conversations are more honest as we tend to confess more when we are tired.
  23. We feel happier when we are engaged in some work or are generally busy as we cannot indulge in negative thinking that much.
  24. If you have a full-fledged plan B prepared, then there is a high chance that your original plan will fail.
  25. It will take more than five positive actions or things for you to overcome one negative action or thing.
35+ Mind Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

There you go! Doesn’t it feel great to learn so many interesting psychology facts? That’s because your mind seeks new information. Remember? Now you can use these to understand yourself and your behavior better and interact with others in a smarter way.

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