35+ Mind-Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

Mind Bending Psychology Facts

7. You only see what you want to

Our brain is often unable to process all the information we are exposed to, we tend to overlook things that we consider unimportant. Due to inattentional blindness, we skip over some obvious information as either we are focused on something more important or we don’t prefer to process the deviation.

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8. Primal thoughts dominate your brain

Thanks to evolution, our brain primarily thinks about food, sex and safety before anything else. As we are hard wired towards self-preservation, the first things we focus on will always be about eating, finding a mate and avoiding danger. This is why advertisement focus mainly on these 3 elements to allure us to buying their products.

9. Your subconscious mind knows better

Ever wonder why our gut instincts are so strong and why things sometimes work out better when we follow it? That’s because our subconscious mind often knows what’s better for us much before our conscious mind understands it. This is why decisions based on intuition or instinct are often better than conscious and educated decisions.

10. Learning is an addiction

One of the most interesting psychology facts is that you are programmed to look for new information and learn as much as we can, even though there might not be any practical purpose for it. We are always driven to seek information due the feel good hormones released by the neurotransmitter dopamine. This is why we are addicted to social media and instantly jump to Google to learn about whatever pops up in our minds.

psychology says: go with the choice that scares you the most
35+ Mind-Bending Psychology Facts About Human Behavior

11. Lazy people are happy people

People who seem lazy are often satisfied with whatever they have as these individuals have an adequate mindset. Hence, they feel more fulfilled and happy with their choices. On the other hand, people who believe in getting the most out of every opportunity tend to be unsatisfied with life as they believe they could have done more.

12. Your memories change with time

Memories are like short films we see inside our minds. And we are the director as well as the viewer.

Every time you remember a particular memory, it changes a little inside your mind. Each time we recall a particular event from the past, we subtly and subconsciously alter it a bit based on our moods and feelings. This is why people tend to have different memories about the same event.

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13. If you talk more, you’ll laugh more

You may think you laugh hard after hearing a crazy joke but in reality you will laugh harder after telling that crazy joke. Studies have found that speakers laugh 46 percent more than the listeners. This is why people laugh at their own jokes, even when it’s not funny.

These were some of the most interesting psychology facts that can help you understand yourself and others better.

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