14 Handy Social Skills That’ll Make You More Likable Instantly

14 Handy Social Skills That'll Make You More Likable Instantly

While interacting with various people across varied spheres of life, appearing convincing and amiable becomes a necessity. There are some people who seem to instantly click well with others while there are others, who, to say, struggle to make an impression. This could be a real concern when you are missing out on job opportunities, new friends and an exciting social life. Worry not because they aren’t blessed with some superpowers to win people’s heart. All they are equipped with are some handy social skills which you can easily learn.


Why the need to develop essential social skills?

Take a moment to imagine a life without close friends, acquaintances and colleagues. If it unsettles you, it’s absolutely natural because social animals like us human beings’ lives become mundane without some meaningful connections with others.

Amongst all of these, what if you find yourself feeling left out in social gatherings, in your friend’s circles and groups? It wouldn’t be a great experience. We all seek intimate and mutually nurturing relationships with our fellow mates. Above all, we want to be identified, admired and approve by others.

There’s no doubt that strong emotional bond with other people is the foundation to a healthy mind and life with optimal satisfaction. If you have been there, you know that being unable to interact deeply with other people might make you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with your life. It might even bring in feelings of worthlessness, loneliness and inferiority. You might believe yourself to be incompetent. But rest assured, there isn’t anything wrong with you.

You can learn social skills irrespective of your personality type. It doesn’t matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, or if you are shy or not, once you learn the dynamics of social interactions, you can easily grasp the cheat sheet to becoming an admirable person in no time.

Be it you trying to make an impression during an interview, during a meeting with a client, or trying to stir up a conversation on your date, exercising the appropriate social skills is the key to hitting the nail on its head.

The essential social skills you will learn in this article includes the knick-knacks of social interactions ranging from making an appreciable first impression, instigating small talks, being a good listener and to ending a conversation well.


Warming up:

Most of our interactions are instantaneous and leave us with little chance to anticipate what is about to transpire. But some of the social interactions are planned for example a job interview, which we can prepare ourselves for. Pre-planning a conversation will help you make a great first impression that will last you a lifetime. These situations allow us to set up an agenda and objective in our minds. To make the most out of social interaction and turn the lights to yourself, it’s better to have the aim of each social connection you make clearly set in your mind.


You can start with asking yourself a few questions to structure your interaction:

What type of interaction is it?

Why am I making this social interaction?

What point do I want to make?

How should I begin a conversation?

Where do I want the conversation to lead to?

What do I plan to achieve from this conversation?

How would I like to present myself at social situations?

What impressions do I want to make on others?

However, it is not necessary to ask yourself these questions every time you prepare yourself for a social event. While learning the basics of social dynamics, over time and with practice, you can acquire an in depth mastery over social interactions.


14 Handy Social Skills:

Let’s jump straight into the 14 significant things to consider to make sure you leave a mark on other people, every single time you interact with them:

The first level of your social game starts with how you make your first impression.

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