Attention Men! 10 Solid Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

Attention Men! 10 Solid Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

10 Solid First Date Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome & Make Her Like You

Okay! So you have finally managed to ask a girl out on a date and she agreed. Great! She is pretty, smart and amazing. You like her. She may like you. This may lead to something. Or at least that’s what you feel. Well, you should. No one wants to keep dating new people day after day, week after week, month after month.

We all hope to meet a special someone and have something meaningful, something that will last.

And all that can happen just by having a great first date, which hopefully leads to a second one and a third one and so on.

But this is where it gets super scary for us men. Making sure your first date goes perfectly can be nerve-wracking. While on the date, you want to make sure that she likes you. You want to show her that you’re interested, you are having fun and you’re connecting. But you don’t want to come off as desperate and needy either.

Trying too hard is never a good idea when it comes to impressing women.

This is why you need smart first date tips & hacks that will help you to remain confident and play it cool while having fun on your first date with a girl who just might The One.

Dating is hard for men

In this era of Tinder, dating has become a nightmare for both men and women. Yes, it is easier to meet someone these days through those tons of dating apps, but it is even harder to meet someone who you would consider meeting a second time. And it is even harder for men. Why? Men are expected to be charming, brave, successful, emotional, strong, funny, sensitive and whatnot. But that’s not the worst part. When it comes to dating, women tend to have the upper hand.

Unless you are a player or pickup artist, you will feel anxious and nervous to some extent when meeting a beautiful woman, asking her out and finally going on your first date with her. This is a sad reality as most men have been programmed to have a scarcity mindset. We feel insecure and helpless when dating an attractive woman. We feel she holds all the power. We feel lucky that we get to take her out on a date and this is why we try too hard and appear desperate. With this scarcity mindset, we tend to forget that we are attractive too. 

Understand this:

If she is talking to you, she must have found something interesting about you.

If she has agreed to go out on a date, she must find you attractive too.

If she is laughing and enjoying the date, then she is enjoying your company.

You’re good enough for her.

There is no need to put her on a pedestal just because you like her and believe she is The One. If she is the one for you, then things will happen naturally. You will automatically feel a connection and get closer. The secret tip to having a great first date and making a connection is confidence. Believe that you are enough and you are likable, cute, funny, smart and adorable just like she is. If she is a princess, you’re no less than a knight in shining armor.

Nice guy or bad boy? The attraction dilemma

With tons of contradictory and confusing first date tips & advice available online, men are being set up to fail when it comes to dating attractive women. Society expects us to be compliant in a relationship and be cooperative with women. However, we are also expected to be ambitious, assertive and have a sexually attractive personality to make women interested in us. Finding a balance between the two can be very difficult and often leads to dissatisfaction, disappointment, and disrespect from women.

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