10 Things You Should Look For On A First Date

10 Things You Should Look For On A First Date

Navigating the dating landscape can be tough especially in the millennial generation.

Everyone shows their best side on social media and puts their best foot forward on first dates.

How can you recognize if what the person is portraying is really what they are at the core or if they are just wearing a mask?

How can you get a good read on the person?

Wouldn’t it help if you had a first date checklist to help you navigate the way?


So here you go. We have compiled a checklist of 10 items that you should check off on your first date:

1) Do you have anything in common?

Do you share any common interest areas or ideologies?

Can you envision the two of you together working towards shared goals?

A relationship is a teamwork and it helps if you get a partner who shares a common vision and is equally passionate about those goals.

Although you can have very different tastes in superficial things like taste in music, color etc you need to be on the same page as far as your core values are concerned.

If you are a person who values integrity, service, and honesty and they have a totally different values system, there are very less chances that the relationship will turn out to be happy, fulfilling and long lasting in the long run.


2) Is the conversation flowing smoothly?

There is nothing more attractive than being with someone with whom conversations are effortless and organic.

The way your conversation flows with someone is a fair indicator of mental compatibility and ease.

Few things to look for in the area of communication:

Do they seem interesting and fun and generate the curiosity in you to get to know them better?

Does the conversation flow smoothly with them?

Is there a balanced give and take or is it one-sided and awkward?


3) Do you feel any chemistry?

Attraction is a very subjective thing. Different people get attracted to different things.

You have to find for yourself whether they match up to what amounts to attractiveness for you.

Watch out for these things in the chemistry zone:

Did you feel attraction on a level?

Was there any chemistry?

Could you see yourself kissing them or getting intimate with them?

There has to be some basic amount of chemistry, vibe or attractiveness for them to be able to pass off for future dates.


4) Do they have basic courtesy?

Do they have basic courtesy?

How do they treat the service staff?

These things can give you an insight into what kind of a human being they are and whether they possess traits such as empathy, kindness, and compassion.


5) Are they making any effort to get to know you?

Are they making any genuine effort to know you? Are they good and attentive listeners?

Are they really interested to know who you are at the core or are they just interested in talking about themselves?

Good conversation is made up of a balanced give and takes where both parties contribute and try to know each other better.

You don’t want to be with someone who is only interested in talking about themselves and who thinks he is the center of the universe.

6) How do they fare on the hygiene meter?

Are they mature adults who can take care of their basic hygiene?

Hygiene is an important indicator of how well a person is taking care of themselves and that again reflects the level of self-love and esteem that they have.


7) Can you sit and talk with them for hours?

It’s a delight to be with someone with whom we can just sit and talk for hours exploring each other’s thoughts and experiences.

Especially if you are a sapiosexual and get attracted to intelligence more than the physical traits, there isn’t anything more attractive than finding someone with whom you share mental compatibility.

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