8 People Skills You Need To Succeed In Your Work & Relationships

8 People Skills You Need To Succeed In Your Work & Relationships

People skills are crucial for career, relationship & social success. Also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence or interpersonal intelligence, people skills are a must-have resource that can not only help you in advancing your career but also enable you to succeed in different areas of your life.

“Successful people play the part of being successful consistently in all that they do.” – Lorii Myers

When you are armed with the necessary people skills, you can:

  • Sell your ideas more effectively
  • Access new and hidden opportunities
  • Communicate and express yourself better
  • Easily connect with and relate to others
  • Overcome self-consciousness and social anxiety
  • Inspire, motivate and positively influence others

People skills include various techniques and tools necessary to efficiently communicate and interact with people around us. Most successful people have mastered people skills and if you wish to succeed in life, work and your relationships then you need to become an expert in people skills.

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What are people skills?

“We define emotional intelligence as the subset of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and actions.” – Salovey and Mayer

People skills are defined as your ability to listen, communicate, interact and relate with others effectively on a professional or personal level. People skills or soft skills may also include empathy, compassion, problem-solving skills, willingness to work as a team to achieve a common goal. These are behavioral patterns and interactions that are segregated under three associated set of skills:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Interaction skills
  • Intercession skills

When you have developed excellent people skills, you will be able to socialize easily, relate to others and even predict their behavior. Strong people skills can help you to optimize productive & effective personal communication and human interaction to give you an edge over others. Whether in business or in personal life, we want to connect with each other on a human level. When you demonstrate outstanding people skills, your career and your relationships will improve exponentially. Everything in this world is based on your relationship with others and your strong emotional intelligence will help you to be more positive, influential and successful in life.

People skills you need to develop

Here’s a list of the 8 most crucial soft skills or interpersonal skills you need to master to become a highly effective individual and succeed in life:

1. Communication skills

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.”
– Paul J. Meyer

Communication skills are the key to success, whether in a relationship or business. Having the ability to effectively communicate, both in a written and verbal way, can help you express yourself and your ideas a lot better. Moreover, it allows others to receive your message clearly without any misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Since everything we do is based on human interaction, communication skills play a major role in our lives and success.

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2. Listen actively

“To listen well is as powerful a means of influence as to talk well, and is as essential to all true conversation.”
– Chinese Proverbs

Listening is also a crucial part of communication. If you only keep talking and not hear what the other person is trying to tell you, then you are only engaging an incomplete communication. Active listening allows you to be fully aware and be present when the other person is expressing themselves and talking to you. When you show them you are listening to what they are saying through your body language, they will be inspired to speak openly and honestly. Being an active listener will also allow you to get the necessary information and understand the person and the situation. Information and understanding lead to solutions and success.

3. Show Empathy

“When you show deep empathy toward others, their defensive energy goes down, and positive energy replaces it. That’s when you can get more creative in solving problems.”  – Stephen Covey

Showing empathy is one of the most important soft skills that you can have in order to succeed in personal relationships, career, and life. When you can understand and appreciate others’ perspectives, you will be able to immediately relate to and connect with them. It helps you get out of your own head and understand what your partners, coworkers or clients need from you, psychologically and emotionally. When you empathize with others, they will feel appreciated and understood which will help to develop a mutual feeling of trust.

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4. Be charismatic & inspiring

“The number one quality is charisma. You have to be able to connect with the audience. That is that magic “it” factor that designates a star from someone who is just never going to be a star.”   – Stephanie McMahon

Another important trait to develop in order to gain mastery over interpersonal skills is charisma. When you are a charismatic, supportive and inspiring individual, others will see you like a warm, likable, trustworthy and approachable person. When you are perceived as a knowledgeable, capable, dependable and competent person, others will readily follow your lead and be inspired by your actions, both in work and personal relationships. This will not only allow you to move closer to success but also motivate others to pursue their goals and dreams. Being charismatic and supportive will also help you create stronger teams at work and a stronger connection with your romantic partner.

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