What It Must Be To Be a Girl With a Man’s Sense of Humor (from a man’s shoe)

What It Must Be To Be a Girl With a Man’s Sense of Humor (from a man’s shoe)2

We come across various types of people everyday, women being one of the most complicated ones of them.

There are various types of girls out there whom even Darwin wouldn’t dare to categorize. One of them is those found dropping ‘F’ bomb everywhere, the girls with “Man’s” sense of humor.

These rare breeds are the rebels, rebels against the society which have tried to impose its illogical and dominant norms on them for far too long now. They are those who don’t go on seeking societal conformation, they are the girls who simply don’t give a fuck to what society says or what they want her to be like.

You will find them cursing, cracking dirty jokes and fooling around. A personality not everyone can handle. We guys often get confused as to if she is to be treated as our dude bro or just a hilariously funny girl.

Let’s look at what it must be to be a girl with a “man’s” sense of Humor (from a man’s shoe).

1. They appear (are mistaken) to be more secure and stronger

No matter how strong their mouth is but inside they are little weaker.

Like a clown they have their own fight inside with some demons and insecurities. Just because she is vulgar and give off a tough exterior doesn’t mean she will take every insult, condemnation and comments thrown at her.


2. They are often told not to be ‘who and what’ they are

This is something they cannot do, they cannot stop being themselves. They cannot just shut that humor button “off”. Society often tells them this is not how girls are supposed to be, this is only acceptable for men. They face this hypocrisy everyday. Well at the end of the day she doesn’t give a fuck anyway.


3. Difficult to find friends (especially in same sex)

Half of the people she meets will already be running for the hills at the first meeting. Only those with a sense and appetite for humor will get along. It’s very difficult for them to find someone who can accommodate such rare personality in their life within the same sex thus you can see most of such girls have more Guy friends than they have girls.


4. Mom!? Noooo…

No matter how much their loves them or have fun with them but when it comes to taking them home to meet their mother, they just build a bridge of excuse. The boy can understand and accept her the way she is but not sure if her mom can do that as well and well he don’t want things to get messy.


5. They’re the one with any real self-worth.

Let it be said loud and clear, any woman who has the balls (oops!) to stand in the crowd and speak what she wants, say what she thinks and crack jokes without worrying about the repercussion or judgments is the woman with pride and self-respect. Well there is nothing better than being who you really are.