5 Struggles Of A Girl With A Man’s Sense Of Humor


Struggles Of A Girl With A Man's Sense Of Humor

It is believed that women tend to be partial towards men with a good sense of humor, and honestly, there’s a lot of truth to that. When a man can make a woman laugh, that’s a keeper right there. But what happens when women have a sense of humor similar to a man’s? What about the girl with a man’s sense of humor?

Women with a man’s sense of humor might curse a lot, crack dirty jokes and fool around. And unfortunately, not a lot of people like this, because not everyone is strong, secure, and cool enough to handle a personality like hers. Men often get confused as to if she is to be treated as their ‘bro’ or just a hilariously ‘funny girl’. She is even at times considered to be a “vulgar girl with a poor taste of humor.”

Let’s find out the struggles a girl with a man’s sense of humor has to deal with on a daily basis.

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5 Struggles Of A Girl With A Man’s Sense Of Humor

1. Her softer and emotional side is taken for granted or even ignored.

Girls whose sense of humor is similar to that of men are quite often considered to be strong, secure, and invincible. They are regarded as someone who are tough as nails, and there’s nothing in this world that would affect them. Even though this might be true to some point, sometimes people forget that she might also have a softer and more emotional side to her.

Just because she has a tough exterior doesn’t mean she will take every insult, condemnation, and comment thrown at her. Despite her sense of humor, she is still a sensitive person who takes it to heart, if someone treats her badly.

2. She is often told ‘who’, what’, and ‘how’ she should be.

She is shamed for not being “feminine” enough. She is insulted for being “vulgar”. If she is not taken seriously, she is told that it’s her fault entirely. A girl with a man’s sense of humor just can’t catch a break, because the blaming and shaming hardly ever stops. In other words, she can’t be who she is.

However, it’s not that easy to shut that humor button “off”. Society often tells her this is not how girls are supposed to be, this is only acceptable for men. She faces this sort of hypocrisy every day; she is forced to be inauthentic.

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3. It’s hard for her to make friends, especially with other women.

Most people she meets treat her with a lot of judgment, and make her feel bad for who she truly is. Sadly, most of the time, it’s women who shame her for not being like every woman out there. They feel uncomfortable with not just her sense of humor, but also who she is as a person.

No matter how hard she tries to be friends with other women, she fails most of the time. It’s very difficult for her to find someone who will appreciate and understand her and her personality. This might be one of the major reasons why girls like her tend to have guy friends more than girl friends.

4. She has a hard time with romantic relationships too.

No matter how much men might love her or love spending time with her when it comes to taking her home to meet his mother, he just builds a bridge of excuses. He can understand and accept her the way she is but is not sure if his mom can do that as well.

It’s hard to navigate through such a painful and heartbreaking situation, however, the heartbreak mostly happens to the girl, more than the guy. Most of the time, she is left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and shattered self-esteem.

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5. She is the one with real self-worth.

She speaks what she wants, says what she thinks, and cracks jokes without worrying about repercussions or judgments. She is a woman who is filled with pride and self-respect. Well, there is nothing better than being who you really are, and she knows and understands that.

So even if she faces pain and disappointment at times, she sticks to being her authentic self. She loves herself enough to understand that life is too short to be someone else other than yourself.

When you are a girl with a man’s sense of humor, lots of people will judge and shame you, simply because you don’t fit “the mold”. But you know what? You are who you are, and never ever forget that. Do what makes you happy, and unapologetically be yourself!

What It Must Be To Be a Girl With a Man’s Sense of Humor (from a man’s shoe)
Girl with a man’s sense of humor
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Girl with a man’s sense of humor
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