35 Interesting Paradoxes On Human Behavior That Are True

Paradoxes Human Behavior

Paradox psychology can be defined as a surprising or self-contradicting statement that may be true. Oxford dictionary defines paradox as “a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement or proposition which when investigated may prove to be well-founded or true”. Some of the greatest truths can in life sometimes prove to be false and vice versa. Sometimes illogical things may also prove to be logical. We don’t realize the depth of paradoxes until we delve deep into their meaning. 

Here are 35 interesting paradoxes that are often found to be true:

1. The more you master knowledge, the more you realize how little you know.

Paradoxes Human Behavior master knowledge

2. People treat other people the way they treat themselves.

3. You are more likely to fail when you are afraid of failing.

4. The more we expect something to be difficult, the more difficult it becomes.

Paradoxes Human Behavior difficult

5. We are less likely to want something that is easily available.

6. We value progress but we dislike changes. But change is the only way to progress.

Paradoxes Human Behavior change

7. The more a person sleeps around, the more desirable and worthy they feel.

Paradoxes Human Behavior sleeps around

8. A people pleaser are more likely to be more savage internally

9. The more reserved and silent an individual is, the more likely they are to be creative and lively.

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10. The funniest people are often the most saddest people

11. When you try too much to keep someone in your life, you’ll push them further away

12. The more options you have, the less satisfied you will be with the one you choose.

Paradoxes Human Behavior satisfied

13. The only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain

14. The only constant in life is change

15. The more you are afraid of something, the more you should face it

16. The more often you fail, the more chances are that you will succeed in the end

17. The more you cant trust, the more you cant be trusted

18.  You like to be alone but you hate feeling lonely.

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