Why I Blocked You Today


Why I Blocked You Today

Sometimes keeping your ex blocked from your social media handles is the right thing to do. Breakups are hurtful, especially when all those memories resurface when you come across them on social media. You are constantly checking what your ex has been up to, where they go, or who they meet. At this point, you begin asking yourself, “Should I block my ex?

For some, this may be a bitter move, but for others, it is necessary for that final closure and for me it is wanting my inner peace. You began to think night and day about them and asking questions like, “do I still have feelings for them” and by blocking them are you avoiding something that might hurt you more?

Why I Blocked You Today

There are many reasons behind why you blocked them, but it’s not because you hate them, but you’re simply looking to prioritize your needs before theirs. So here’s a poem that describes why you did what you did.

Why I Blocked You Today

I blocked you today

because I was ready

to delete you

and your memories

from my life.

I was ready to clean my news feed,

getting rid of your dust. 

I’m overseeing what you like

and where you are.

I’m over waiting for one like

or one comment from you.

I’m done trying to impress you

when you’re probably not even looking.

I’m done fighting for your attention

when you’re giving it to someone else.

I blocked you today

because I wanted to remember who I was

before you came into my life

and made me hate myself

I blocked you because

I have to love myself.

I blocked you so I could post things for me

instead of trying to send you a message.

Or maybe I’m trying to send

one final message to you:

you can’t reach me anymore,

you now belong to a list of strangers

I’ve never met.

You now can’t like my pictures

or see my posts

or see me.

By Rania Naim


Wrapping up

When relationships become toxic, it is important that we let them go. It takes a lot of strength to move away from someone you were in love with but that’s what I did, I blocked my ex, and I have never been happier. You can too! Focus on loving yourself, and focus on what you need to be happy, and do that. You deserve it!

Why I Blocked You Today
I Blocked You Today
Why I Blocked You Today pin

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