How To Truly Appreciate and Enjoy The Little Things in Life


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appreciate and enjoy little things

Our lives, no matter how small or large, are made up of innumerable small moments in time. Little things that can go on to make an ever-lasting impact on us. These small moments make up or lead us onto the big and important landmark moments of our lives, which we remember our lives by.

From the mind-elating first sip of the morning tea, to the random, untimely rainfalls that cleanses our mind inside out. Childhood flashbacks that make a somber day feel like a ray of sunshine, winter siestas that frees our body of all the rust we form over time.

Why Are These Little Moments Priceless?

In the span of our lives which feels like a forever, all that is there are small moments which go unnoticed and invalidated. Not in those very moments do we realize the value of that small conversation with that person who feels like home. Not in those sleepy hours do we realize the worth of the warmth we receive.

Its all in retrospection that we understand its undeniable presence and importance, all across our life, how omnipresent and powerful these small turns of our lives are. How , if one of those small times turned out different or didn’t happen at all, our entire story would change altogether.

Such is the undeniable beauty of the tiny moments that make our lives, ours.

Also, from a scientifically useful viewpoint, paying attention to the little things of our lives grows a skill of gratitude within, helps us validate our fortunes and resources more often. It helps us shed light on every single bit that one would otherwise miss out on. This gratification, thankfulness and simplicity in thinking ultimately relieves us of most of our stress and eradicates all surplus thoughts. Thus, leading to a lighter consciousness and healthier mind.

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Ways To Fully Live The Small Treasures Or The Little Things Of Life

It doesn’t take much, rather next to nothing, to spot and appreciate the intangible forces in our lives. Yet, most of us quite usually miss out on it. Here’s how the true building blocks of our lives can be enjoyed.

Notice the little things

Intentionally spot and make a pointer out of those small little things that makes you happy in a day.

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1.  Be thankful and complimenting whenever the opportunity arrives

Expressing and showing a word of thanks for a good deed, big or small, paves the way for further goodness in your life. It also validates the giver, encouraging the good deed even further.

2.  Expression shouldn’t always be confined to known faces – 

Our lives aren’t just touched by our family and closed ones. It’s just as much effected and touched by strangers that cross our paths everyday. They should be thanked as well. Unsolicited validations make this world a better place.

3.  Appreciating one’s own self, regularly –

Sometimes, a person does all the basics right, does all the fundamentals justice. Yet, he misses out on validating his own self. For fighting the odds, for maintaining his/her good habits, for being kind. This is probably one of the most important things to do while trying to find peace in the small bits.

4. Being in the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’

 It is quite popularly said among experts that depression is being stuck in the past, anxiety is being overly concerned about the future, but peace can be found by living in the present. Right now. And the best part? It is just as easy as complicated it may sound.

5. Being Thankful for HOME 

 Probably the most over-looked and underappreciated sphere of our lives. Our homes. Showing them gratitude, being thankful to our family and closed ones, be it friends or our romantic partners, is the most pre-requisite of our lives. It needs no explanation anyway.

6. Applauding the little things in relationships –

 Gestures of trust, care and kindness shown to us by our partners in life’s journey are basically the reasons to live for and carry forward. Taking time out to notice, appreciate and reciprocate those gestures makes it all worth it.

7. Being responsive and close to nature

In the rat-race we call Life, we often forget to stop for a minute and take a breather in nature, to simply observe and calm ourselves through it. Being in close affinity towards nature has a drastic impact on us, as we are all a part of it.

8. Dancing to the music of life –

 Accentuating moments of our lives through music helps us appreciate the silence around. It also becomes a checkpoint for a memory, something to remember it by. How often does such a beautiful thing occur?

9. Breathe –

 This is something we have been doing since we were born, with or without being mindful. Once in a while, or when the going gets tough, let go of all thoughts, all burdens, empty both mind and heart. And just breathe. Some mindful, slow breaths and you will be brought back to the pace you function best at. It helps us appreciate the life that is there in us, which is greater than anything out there. Literally.

10. Connect with people and thus, with yourself –

 Here’s to actually reaching out and connecting with the people in our lives, thanks to the many virtual mediums out there. Life’s convenient for us now, with so many ways to reach out and communicate with someone. The pleasure of setting up a bond or re-establishing the connection that once was there. Very few can match the wholesome bliss.

So, here’s an ode to the life that we have at our own hands, most of which we spend pursuing the big moments that come our way. But while we get busy looking for the landmarks, we skip the very small yet beautiful and remarkable moments that contains the actual beauty of life, which actually go onto make the larger-than-life moments we wait for.

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

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How To Truly Appreciate And Enjoy The Little Things In Life
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How To Truly Appreciate And Enjoy The Little Things In Life

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