40 Moments That Make You Say – Go Me!

40 Moments That Make You Say - Go Me!

Moments That Make You Say – Go Me!

1. When you cross off one New Year’s resolution on your lists in just a matter of 2 weeks.

2. When you jog for over an hour in what seems like forever and feel as if a huge weight is lifted off your shoulder. Then, you begin to plan for going back to a healthy lifestyle again.

3. When you finish baking a decent pastry out of only watching tutorials on BuzzFeed and impress your friends with your “restaurant quality” dessert. 

4. When you help a stranger, who appears like he/she needs assistance, and you feel lighthearted afterwards because you know you have done something great for the day.

5. When the kids you walk pass through on the street high-five you because you wear something cool, or they think you’re relatable, or they simply see you as someone they want to be when they grow up.

6. When you tutor your cousin on his assignment that he, later on, gets a good grade, and you can’t help but become proud of yourself for being his mini-teacher.

7. When you finish a project you have been putting behind for a really long time.

8. When you marathon a TV series and don’t notice that it’s already dark outside.

9. When you drink more than 8 glasses of water in a day.

10. When you complete your target hours of sleep on a weekday.

11. When you finally work up the nerve to talk to the person you have a big crush on.

12. And you get to ask them to hang out with you.

13. And eventually be Facebook friends with them.

14. When you have a conversation with your boss without stuttering the whole time and feeling relaxed and confident while answering your boss’s important questions.

15. When you never touch your phone during your catch-up coffee dates with your friends.

16. When you receive good news through text or email and you know you deserve it after working too hard for it.

17. When you say sorry/forgive someone you have a misunderstanding with.

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18. When you stop driving or walking or doing anything just to see the sunset and marvel the beauty of it.

19. When you become an adult and drop that item you’re itching to buy because you have grown to be the kind of person who’s good at distinguishing needs over wants.

20. When you let go of your past.

21. When the people who hurt you before don’t matter to you anymore.

22. When you find the courage to trust someone again.

23. When you get to say I love you to your parents or kiss them on the cheeks even though it takes all your energy to do so.

24. When you decide to leave your small town and live in a big old city.

25. When you survive a social gathering that makes you feel out of place or awkward, and go home without being involved in any embarrassing or trouble situation.

26. When you learn something new; be it a new language, a new hobby, or a new tradition outside your culture.

27. When you pray to God all your worries and achieve a peace of mind after that.

28. When you volunteer in charity works and know that you have contributed a goodwill to the humanity.

29. When you spend your last few ITunes credits on an album you have no idea about and it turns out that you have purchased something that becomes your new favorite.

30. When you make someone happy and special on their birthday celebration.

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