35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That’ll Touch Your Heart

Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

You’ve probably heard of the poet whose quotes are simple, heart touching and have an unusual bottom signature on lowercase letters only. His poems and quotes make us contemplate topics about being in love, going through heartbreak and finding closure.

Most people know very little about him, but his quotes have been quite popular among millennials who share them on social media to explain how they’re going through.

So, who exactly is R.M Drake?

One of the New York Times Best Selling authors, Robert M. Drake is famous for his poetry and quotes on life and love. They are filled with emotions that everyone relates to and reminds us of the feelings we hold toward a person who is and isn’t in our life. Some of his quotes make us smile while some make us cry.

After everything you’ve been through you deserve someone who means what they say. That’s all.

R. M. Drake
35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

Come and fall in love with his quotes that will touch your hearts. Here are 35+ soulful and heart-touching quotes by R M. Drake:

Heart-touching quotes about love and letting go:

It doesn’t matter if you’re in love or having a bad day or just simply feel heartbroken, reading through some of his best quotes will help you find comfort in them. Here are some of the most heart-touching quotes about love and letting go:

1. “The right people will love you differently. And you won’t have to second guess it or question it. You’ll just know. It’ll be that real. It’ll be that deep.”

35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

2. “Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.”

3. “One day, you will realize how some people are not meant to be yours. One day, you will have to move on, and sometimes the most important thing to do in the world is to let go.”

4.“You’re meant to hurt that hard. That deeply. Remember, the same way you love will be the same way you let go. The goal is to be brave enough to face the two. To be strong enough to love when you have to love. And let go when you must let go.”

5. “At some point, you’ve got to realize that some things aren’t meant to work out. That some people aren’t meant to be your’s and that some wounds take more than a lifetime to heal.”

35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

6. “You have to forgive yourself sometimes. Accept your scars for what they are and forgive the people who have hurt you. Maybe that is how you learn to breathe and walk again. Maybe that is how you heal from the past. Maybe that is how you move on.”

7. “If their absence brings you peace. And if your isolation brings you clarity. Then that says more about you than it does about them. Let them go. You are ready.”

8. “Maybe one day, We’ll meet again and explain to each other what really happened. Maybe one day we’ll finally understand. Until then, I hope you live your best life and I hope you really do all the things you always wanted to do.

35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

9. “Getting over someone is hard, but I promise you the outcome is worth it. You’ll learn new things about yourself. Like how to let go, why to let go, and when to let go. You’ll develop new characteristics. New outcomes. New solutions to your problem. And believe me, the growth will be beautiful. I promise.”

10. “People who’ve been through hell only want attention and love. They want peace and honesty. They want something real and something worth their time. That’s all.”

35+ Soulful Quotes by R.M. Drake That'll Touch Your Heart

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