16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It

16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It

Is something strange going on in your house? Wondering if there’s something more to those creepy unexplainable sounds you hear every night? Are these signs indicate your house is haunted? 

Watching horror movies may be fun but living in an actual haunted house can be a really terrifying and emotionally scarring experience.

“While it’s cool to think ghosts exist, I don’t want to see one.” – Dean Ambrose

Living in a nightmare house

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I know what it feels like to stay in a house that’s haunted. When I was younger, we moved around a lot and eventually we lived in a house that was a lot larger than we needed it to be. The house was beautiful yet cheap. That should have been a red flag right there. But in real life no one goes around thinking there’s a ghost in my house when you’re getting a nice property at a good price. As we moved in, we immediately realized something was off about this house.

It was unusually cold inside the house even in the summer. Some areas of the house were excessively damp and had molds. There were a lot of doors in the house, more than there should have been, which slammed shut unexplainably. Things would disappear & reappear without any clear reason. Lights would turn on and off by itself while electronic devices would malfunction out of nowhere. Dishes and cutlery would frequently fall from the shelves. There was always a weird musty stench in the air despite how much air freshener we used. 

And then there were things that just outright creeped me out. There was always this heavy feeling in the house. It affected our moods & emotions and we generally felt very sad and upset all the time without any apparent reason. There were tapping sounds on the walls and unmistakable heavy footsteps in the hallway outside my room. Shadows moved rapidly out of the corner of my eye. But most of all there was always this feeling of being watched from behind. 

Could these occurrences be explained naturally? Or was our house haunted?

Haunting 101

It is highly unlikely that your house is actually haunted by something supernatural. And in most cases all the strange phenomenon that you experience in your house can be explained rationally. Our imagination can often play vivid tricks on us and make us see things that are not even there. Having said that, there are a few genuine hauntings that are true even though they are very rare. So it may be possible that you are experiencing a real haunting and the strange activities can be of supernatural origin. 

It’s really unfortunate if you are experiencing a haunting as it can not only affect you personally but also impact your family dynamics, your lives and careers as well.

And it’s not something you can easily share with someone. They will simply think you’re crazy. But most of all, you start believing you are losing your sanity, which can be the worst effect of a haunting. So having ‘ghost problems’ in the house is not something we know how to deal with readily. 

Hauntings usually happen when the spirits of dead people, mostly previous owners, are unable to move on to the other side, or feel trapped or simply refuse to leave where they lived when they were alive.

And that place happens to be your house. It could also occur due to some kind of satanic or other supernatural rituals that might have taken place in your location. These rituals are believed to open up portals to the Netherworld and attract demonic entities. There might also be something wrong with the land your house is built upon, like an ancient burial ground or maybe a secret site for murders to dump bodies. Or it might be that there is something wrong with the house which attracts dark entities. I personally believe some houses are just born like that.

Fact is there might be a ton of reasons for your house being haunted, if it is actually haunted. It all depends on the history of your neighborhood, your location and your house and even your own past. The haunted house I lived in as a child had a secret history which we found out much later…after a lot of damage was done. Apparently, four people had committed suicide in the house at different points of time. It’s no surprise we moved out immediately after finding this out. So it can be a great idea to invest some time and effort in finding out the history of your place and identifying the signs of a real haunting. Information changes situations.

Is your house haunted?

“Darkness there, and nothing more.” – Edgar Allan Poe

If you feel like you are losing your mind as you can’t rationalize what exactly is going on your house, then you need to get some confirmation if you are actually living in a haunted house or if it’s all in your head.

16 signs of a Haunted House:

Here are some of the most common signs of a legitimate haunted house:

16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It
16 Signs Your House Is Truly Haunted & What To Do About It

1. Weird animal behavior

If you have a pet, whether a dog or a cat or a bird, it is likely they will start behaving differently in the presence of a spirit or a demonic entity. Your dog may seem to bark or whine for no apparent reason, you cat may be focused on watching ‘something’ in the room while it appears they are staring at blank spaces. Animals have stronger senses and it is believed they have better psychic abilities to detect such things.

2. Being watched by ‘something’

Most of us get this feeling of being watched throughout the day without even realizing and when we turn around, we see another person looking at us. It’s almost like a sixth sense and it’s not necessarily related to the supernatural. However, this extrasensory phenomenon known as the psychic staring effect or scopaesthesia can also enable us to feel if there’s a paranormal presence nearby. If you are getting this feeling constantly inside your house or at a specific time, then you may be living in a haunted house.

3. Unexplained sounds & noises

You keep hearing strange and unexplainable sounds, which can either be loud or rather subtle. Sounds like scratching, banging, knocking, things being dropped and footsteps are common signs in haunted houses.

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