6 Creepy Signs Of Negative Energy Around You And How To Remove It


6 Warning Signs Of Negative Energy Around You

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly feel sick, uneasy, restless, or just feel drained of energy in certain places? Those are just some signs of negative energy around you.

Quantum physics emphasizes the fact that everything is made of energy and does not matter. Atoms that form objects and substances that we consider solid are actually made up of 99.999% space.

And since everything is made up of atoms, which are nothing but energy, it implies that everything is made up of energy. The energy that you are made up of is the same energy that composes trees, mountains, and the chair you are sitting on.

Our bodies are continuously radiating our energy aura that extends out many feet from the body. similarly, we are also absorbing the energy emitted from the people around us. This energy exchanges information with everything it comes in contact with and helps us connect to a cosmic height.

Any thought, action, or intention that triggers negative emotions like anger, jealousy, grief, envy response, and reaction in us, can be considered a source of negative energy. Similarly, anything that triggers positive responses like love, happiness, joy,  and contentment can be considered positive energy. (1) 

The well-being and vitality of an individual are greatly dependent on the type of energy they are absorbing and emitting through exchanges.

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If you are an empath, a Psychic, or a highly sensitive person, you will be more susceptible to energy fields in your surroundings, especially signs of negative energy around you. 

Have you ever noticed that you suddenly feel sick, uneasy, restless, or just feel drained of energy in certain places?

Do you at times feel like an impending sense of doom hanging over you but can’t quite get hold of the reason?

It could be because there could be negative energy in that space. It could be that some event of high emotional intensity took place there or there is a dark entity or energy present in that space.

One of the major indicators of negative energy in a space could be when you feel drained only in that specific location and feel better as soon as you step out of that place.

So how can we know if there is negative energy in a particular space? And what are the signs of negative energy? Let’s find out!

Signs of negative energy
symptoms of negative energy at home

6 Signs Of Negative Energy Around 6 Ways For Removing Negative Energy

1) Do you feel emotionally drained & tired whenever you enter into a space?

This is one of the major signs of negative energy around you.

All of us go through phases when we feel drained and tired. But if you always feel tired whenever you step into a particular room, an enclosed space, or have physical proximity to a particular person, then your body may be resisting the energy emitted.

Our body is naturally skilled at absorbing energy from the surroundings and hence when our body signals us that something is amiss or off about a place, it seldom is incorrect.

Trust your instinct.

2) Do you feel headaches, nausea, and other physical discomforts whenever you enter that space?

Our gut instincts and bodies are way more sensitive to energy than what we give credit for.

They can pick up on bad vibes and negative energies and also are proficient at distinguishing them from the positive vibe and signaling it to us.

We are consciously not aware of when or how exactly our body does it.

If you feel any sort of physical discomforts like headaches, nausea, or any other symptom which is not due to any known ailment, it could be because your body is reacting and warning you about the negative energy’s presence in the room.

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3) Do you feel claustrophobic, panicked, anxious, or other intense emotions when you are in that space?

Whenever you enter a room that has negative energy, it can make you feel claustrophobic, anxious, restless, or panic-stricken.

It can also make you feel intense negative emotions like anger, grief, or dread to the point that you feel overwhelmed by them and feel like escaping.

4) If you place plants in that room, even they don’t tend to bloom.

Negative energy does not only impact human beings but it can also impact plants & animals.

If you find that your pets behave strangely in a particular room or plants do not tend to bloom there because of the negative energy they have been absorbing. They may even wither up and die.

5) Do you sense strange odors coming from the room?

If you sense strange odors or muskiness in the room, suddenly and out of the blue, it could also be one of the signs of negative energy in the space.

6) Do you struggle with Insomnia or nightmares in that room?

If there is negative energy or the presence of a negative entity in the room, it can also lead to insomnia or vivid nightmares.

If you feel that you are in a perfect state of mind, in all other places and only experience all the above-mentioned symptoms only in a particular space, then it could mean that there is a presence of negative energy in that space, and this is one of the biggest signs of negative energy.

How To Remove Negative Energy From Home This Halloween 2023?

a) Claim the space

If you have taken a place on rent or it is full of someone else’s old stuff, it could be that the place still radiates the energy of the person who was residing there earlier.

De-cluttering your room off the furniture and things which are old and unused can also free up space for more positive energy to occupy.

You can claim the space by doing positive affirmations like “I take and own this space. I choose to make this space full of positive energy and love.” Renovate your personal space with love and warmth, with accessories that make you feel calm, happy, and soothed.

When you plant this positive vibration in the place, it will replace any residual bad energy and attract more positive happenings in your life.

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b) Salt

If you have been thinking about how to clear negative energy, then you should know that salt has an amazing natural ability to absorb negative energy.

You can sprinkle salt in the corners of your room and remove it after a few hours or you can also put salt in the water bowl and place it in the corners of the room and drain the water after a few hours.

Sea salt is also a great way to calm down and ground yourself.

You can add a little sea salt to your bathing water. It helps in grounding and also clears any toxic energy if it’s there.

c) Burn Sage

Burning white sage smudge sticks is also an excellent way to clear any space of negative energy.

Burning this while you walk around the house and swirling it in an anti-clockwise direction can help to clear the space of any bad vibes or negative energy that might be residing in your home space.

d) Sprays

You can also purify the room with sprays containing essential oils like rose, lavender, or frankincense.

These sprays have a soothing fragrance and they will help make you feel rejuvenated and energized with positive energy.

e) High-vibration music

There are lots of high-vibration music that can help to raise your vibration and also clear the space of any negative energy.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. — Nikola Tesla

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f) Using crystals

You can also use crystals to purify the space & clear it of any negative energy.

Black Tourmaline is one of the most effective crystals to clear any space for negative energy.

Honey Quartz is another great crystal to use when manifesting as it helps you feel more gratitude towards others and positivity. It’s important to cleanse your crystals at least once a month.

To cleanse them simply run them under filtered water, remember not to wash them under normal tap water, and finally hold the crystal afterward and ask for its help. With Rose Quartz, for example, you could ask it to help with manifesting a new partner into your life. (2)

Get rid of these signs of negative energy, and cleanse your space completely of negativity. Happy Halloween 2023!

Want to know more about how you can get rid of negative vibes? Check this video out below!

Signs of negative energy in a house and clearing them

6 Signs To Tell If There's A Negative Energy In Your Space And 6 Ways To Clear It
Signs of negative energy around you and how to clear negative energy from your home
Signs To Tell Negative Energy In Space pin
How To Remove Negative Energy From Home
Signs Tell Negative Energy In Space
symptoms of negative energy at home
signs of negative energy around you

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