15 Signs and Symptoms Of Negative Energy In Your Body


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signs of negative energy in your body

It might be very well likely that you are affected by negative energy in your body and that is why you are unable to experience joy. There can be times when everything seems alright apparently and yet you can’t feel happiness. You are continually feeling miserable and you cannot fathom the reason behind it. These are apparent signs of negative energy in your body.

There are various ways by which negative energy can make its way into our lives. Spending too much time with negative people is one of them. Nevertheless, you must not get overwhelmed by the sheer arbitrariness of this phenomenon because it is not what you think. If you devote some time analyzing your life, you can very well identify the reasons as well as the signs of negative energy, and rid yourself of the negativity that has been plaguing you.

15 Signs Of Negative Energy In Your Body

Let’s go through these signs of negative energy and explore the options of removing them from our lives.

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1. You Find It Difficult Getting Sleep

It becomes extremely difficult to fall asleep if you have negative thoughts and worries plaguing you constantly. Whenever you close your eyes you are being stressed out by various anxieties. And the more time you spend thinking about these things the more they affect you.

2. You Take Criticism A Bit Too Seriously

You need to realize that not all people who criticize you, want to be rude to you. Maybe they are just giving their perspective. Rather than being demoralized and demotivated by the negative feedback, take it as an opportunity to correct your flaws and grow into a well-rounded person.

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3. You Are Excessively Emotional

You tend to be swayed by emotions a bit too often. Emotions sweep you off your feet and you lose awareness of who you are. But it’s time you learn to control your emotions rather than let them control you. Whenever you feel that something is a bit off, practice mindfulness or start writing a journal to gain clarity over what’s going on in your life. If that doesn’t work, you should talk to a therapist.

4. You Rarely Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Fear of judgment, pessimism, and other such negativities have led you to lock yourself up in your room. Rarely do you venture out into the world and interact with new people. You better realize that you cannot get anything done if you just sit in your room and do nothing.

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5. Nothing Excites You Anymore

You only have memories of a past where there were several things that you liked doing and you derived immense pleasure out of them. But all that seems too distant now. Nothing makes you happy anymore. In such events, you should try to do at least one thing a day, that used to offer you pleasure in the past.

6. You Are In A Perpetual State Of Worry

You cannot find a moment of peace where you won’t have worries bothering you at the back of your head. You are in this unending struggle against these worries and you fail to overcome them every time. Don’t give in to these negative patterns. Whenever you find yourself in the grip of negativity, practice gratitude, and positive affirmations.


When your mind is flooded with negative thoughts and you are sad or angry, then it is manifested as restlessness or tension.

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7. You Quickly Resort To Comparing Yourself To Others

You obsess over your flaws and shortcomings. More often than not, you are judging yourself too hard. You need to accept that everyone has flaws and it is human to commit errors. No one is perfect.

8. Others Tell You What to do

The best person to tell you what you need to do is you. No one knows you better than you. If you somehow believe that you will find happiness by doing what others tell you to, you can’t be any more wrong.

9. You Cannot Understand Why Everything Affects You Too Deeply

While you are living in your shell worrying over things, time is passing by. You are losing out a lot on life and you can never get the lost time back. You need to make yourself immune to the negativity. Take a break if you can.

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10. You Are Exhausted All The Time

All the anxiety and stress drains the vitality out of you. Rarely you do feel energetic and enthusiastic. Negative thinking has started taking a toll on your health. You should be taking your chronic fatigue seriously, and take some healing and lifestyle measures to cope with it.

When you are having a negative conversation with someone, it may make you upset, confused, tired, nauseous, or sick as per designer and feng shui master Dana Claudat. Because you are absorbing vampire energy and getting rid of such people will help you feel better and move forward.

Energy is contagious, positive and negative alike.

11.  You Have Headaches

Do you experience unexplained and recurrent headaches? Then you are surely affected by negative energy in your body that is causing the ache or say adrenaline fatigue. You may be dealing with something that’s weighing on you and need to figure it out immediately.

12. You Have Stomach Pain

Negative energy in your body is also manifested as stomach pain according to Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert at Maple Holistics. It’s not always the bad food that can cause a stomach upset. Instead, you might be worried about something and holding tension in your belly,

13. You Have Difficulty Breathing

This is another sign that you are holding grief and negative emotions in the lungs according to Stacee Magee, a reiki master, and energy expert. The grief settled in your lungs can be the cause of your breathing problem. Working on the grief and thinking positive can help you clear up the negative energy in your lungs and body.

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14. You’re Suffering From Depression

Having a symptom of depression is also linked to negative energy in your body. This energy prevents positive thoughts and actions. Engaging in activities that make you happy and staying around positive people can help you ward off the negative energy.

15. You have chronic pain

When you are in a constant state of stress and anxiety, it manifests as chronic pain in different parts of the body. You can cure the pain by addressing the underlying problems that are contributing to the negative energy in your body.

Look At The Brighter Side

If you are to embark upon a fight against negativity, you need to relax first. You have all the time in the world. Try to understand your emotions. Give yourself some time to figure out what will make you happy. If you need professional help, don’t hesitate. Seeking therapy is your right to self-care. Learn to accept who you are. Get rid of people who are too negative and focus on the positive things in your life.

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Signs You Are Being Struck By Negative Energy In Your Body
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