Is There Something Dark Lurking? 14 Signs To Identify A Negative Spirit Attachment


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Signs Of Negative Spirit Attachment

Do you know what is a negative spirit attachment? In the spirit of Halloween 2023, let’s discuss about the eerie topic of spirit possession and how to safeguard yourself.

Although even the thought of a negative spirit or entity attached to you can be scary, you must familiarize yourself with the signs of a negative entity attachment to protect yourself and your loved ones.

A negative spirit attachment is an “intelligent” disembodied human spirit that has attached itself to a living person’s energy field, aka aura.

Such spirits refuse to surrender to the death experience and want to continue certain behaviors they practiced in life. They will search for a vulnerable human candidate so they can attach and “live” vicariously through that person.

Spirit attachments are sneaky and hardly ever detected. Attached spirits are usually never seen nor physically felt or heard. This is why it’s hard for people to believe they have a spirit attachment until things get really unbearable.

A negative spirit attachment can happen in early childhood. When the child grows up, there may be a nagging awareness that something is not right. As adults, they don’t understand why they repeat certain harmful behaviors or addictions.

Are you curious to know about the signs of negative spirit attachments?

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How to tell if a spirit is attached to you? 14 negative spirit attachment signs

Here we discuss the signs that indicate a spirit is attached to you and the steps you should take in such a case:

1. Awareness

There might be a feeling that something is off. The behavior seems to be unusual or even obsessive. One’s outlook on life may turn somewhat bleak, and possibly depression has crept in or been present for many years.

The following is a list of physical and mental signs of spirit attachment.

The indications of a negative spirit attached to you might be an ongoing thing, or there was a sudden and inexplicable onset:

  1. Feeling chronically tired and depleted of energy
  2. Suffering mood swings and/or impulsive behavior
  3. Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness, or emotion
  4. Hearing inner voices telling you things or making negative comments
  5. A feeling that ‘this isn’t me’
  6. Problems with addictions of all kinds
  7. Poor memory, inability to focus, or confusion more than is normal
  8. Sudden onset of anxiety or depression or panic attacks
  9. All of a sudden pets are wary of you or shy away — sometimes growling
  10. Sudden onset of physical problems with no apparent cause –especially around the upper back and neck
  11. Unexplained fears and phobias
  12. Disturbing nightmares or strange faces in dreams
  13. Feelings of being watched or unexplained sensations such as a distortion of space and time
  14. Feelings of unease, cold areas in your home or office, or a sense of another presence when nobody else is around

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2. Assessment

There needs to be an honest assessment of one’s energy field and physical self to determine whether there are signs of negative spirits around you.

If you or someone else suspects there is a negative spirit attachment present or there are signs of negative energy, decisive action has to be taken. You are in a dire need of a spirit release.

3. Detection

There are many ways to detect a negative spirit attachment. This can be done through:

  • past life regression therapy
  • doing aura scanning
  • journaling
  • automatic writing
  • looking at the aura in a mirror
  • using a pendulum
  • muscle testing
  • examining dreams
  • special meditations.

There are even Theta-level Binaural Beat meditations that can help with diagnosing as well as spirit attachment removal.

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4. Identifying What Kind Of Attachment Is Present

To release spirit attachments, one has to identify the specific type of attachment. There are many different kinds of spirit attachments that have been witnessed all over the world.

  • There might be a soul of a deceased human being who has latched on to you to fulfill their unmet desires.
  • You can also be carrying a spirit from a past life who has not been able to let go of your connection.
  • You might have also unknowingly invited or invoked a dark or malicious spirit.

5. Releasing Of Attachment

This stage involves a careful therapeutic release of the spirit attachment. For some, the attachment has been with them for so long, they are almost afraid to let it go.

There is a fear of loss expressed by the victim that seems unreasonable to others. But, I assure you, the attachment has done the victim harm and they should be gently convinced to let it go.

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In cases like this, multiple sessions for the release of spirit attachment might be the best course of action.

You need to work with an experienced Shaman or a spiritual healer who can help you identify the kind of attachment and guide you through the stages of a negative spirit attachment.

Comment down below and don’t hesitate to share all your paranormal encounters during the upcoming Halloween 2023 Season!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove a negative spirit attachment?

A negative spirit attachment can be removed through various ways, such as shamanic healing, past life regression, aura cleansing, and more, under the supervision of a healer or shaman.

What are the types of entities?

There are several types of spiritual entities, including angels, demons, earth-bound human souls, and animal spirits, who live in different dimensions.

Why do evil spirits feed on negativity?

Negativity brings your vibrations down and weakens your aura or energy field. This gives the evil spirits a chance to latch on to you like a parasite and draw your life force, as you have comparatively less resistance.

How to tell if a spirit is attached to you? 14 negative spirit attachment signs
Negative Spirit Attachment: Signs And What To Do Under A Psychic Attack
14 Signs Of Ghost Attachment
Negative Spirit Attachment: Signs And What To Do Under A Psychic Attack
14 Signs Of Ghost Attachment
Negative Spirit Attachment: Signs And What To Do Under A Psychic Attack
14 Signs Of A Negative Spirit Attachment
Negative Spirit Attachment: Signs And What To Do Under A Psychic Attack
14 Negative Spirit Attachment Signs
Negative Spirit Attachment Spirit Has Attached pin
14 Signs Of A Negative Spirit Attachment
Negative Spirit Attachment pin
spirit attachment signs

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