Sensing Energy: How to Detect Spirits

Sensing Energy: How to Detect Spirits

Find out how to detect spirits.

Have you ever walked into a space and felt a dramatic shift in energy?

Perhaps you have not really been able to put your finger on what the changes are, or perhaps you are not even aware that a change occurred, but something definitely feels different to you and you are not quite sure what.

For anyone that has done energy work or is sensitive to energies, it is likely that you have experienced this from time to time.

Everything in this Universe holds an energetic vibration and collectively that vibration makes up the Universe that we experience. These energies are constantly moving through us in state of creation either at a high or low frequency.

Lower frequencies are commonly referred to as negative whereas higher frequencies are commonly referred to as positive and there is a clear distinction in feeling these two frequency types.

Sensing Energy: How to Detect Spirits
Sensing Energy: How to Detect Spirits

Lower Frequencies feel like….

  • You are surrounded by thick or heavy air
  • There is a pressure or weight around your head or shoulders
  • A prickly sensation on the back of your neck
  • A strong cold or hot temperature change
  • Motion sickness or dizziness
  • You are taking on emotions that are not yours
  • Unexplained anxiety or stress

Lower frequencies are usually created by an emotional pain that is present in the surrounding area. This emotional pain can be from arguments, fears, or a certain trauma that may have occurred.

Crowded places such as cities and malls can also have denser energy due to the volume of people moving in and out all the time.

Higher frequencies feel like…

  • You are surrounded by a calm peace
  • There is a lightness in the air
  • A tingly sensation on the back of your neck
  • A warm, gentle breeze that may have a pleasant smell
  • An uplifting wave of inspiration or creativity
  • You are relaxed and stress-free
  • Unexplained happiness

Higher frequencies are usually created by positively charged emotions such as gratitude, abundance, and awareness. They also exist after healing or transformation has taken place.

Temples, churches, and nature usually have a higher frequency as well as sacred sites, gardens, and places that have been energetically cleansed.

The more you practice and bring attention to your surroundings without judgment, the easier it will become to discern between a high or low energy place.

It is worth noting too that usually, it is not as black and white or distinct. There are always different energy levels no matter what space you are in, the trick is to be open to interpretation and to avoid making judgments.

Your ability to sense energy will also depend on your own energy and the feelings you are experiencing at any given time.

Some spaces can also have the presence of Spirits which can also drastically alter the energies at play.

There are a few distinct differences between a human spirit, a ghost, an angel or an earth spirit…

Human Spirits

Depending on their intention, human spirits may feel like…

  • A light breeze that seems to come from nowhere
  • A pressure, heaviness or thickness in the air
  • Someone or something touching or brushing past you
  • A comforting feeling (especially if it is a loved one trying to make contact)
  • A sudden change in temperature
  • The room feels smaller or quieter


Ghosts are human spirits that have not crossed over. Some ghosts are also more powerful depending on the emotional ties they have to Earth. They may feel like…

  • Very heavy energy or presence
  • A very cold or almost chilling sensation
  • A prickly heat
  • They have strong emotions or feelings about something
  • They are trying to show you something or convey a message
  • A sinking or dropping feeling in your stomach
  • An unexplained uneasiness

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