How to See Spirits Around You, 3 Tips

In this article we reveal tips on how to see spirits around you. Maybe you are aware or not but know that spirits are always around us, most people sense spirits before they can even see them, which is clairsentience ability. There are however other clues that indicate you may have been visited by those in the spirit world.

These hints are available in a selection of methods, spirits can use signs and symbols, sounds, visuals, as well as movement. As spirits can either visit when you are wake or when you are asleep dreaming, our focus in the tips are on waking visits when you are fully aware of your environments.

Because I get inquiries on how to see spirits around you, I will just share my 3 common tips on how to see spirits, and I like to add that good friends of mine have actually seen spirits both presently and also in the past. Seeing spirits is actually termed clairvoyance.

How to see spirits around you – Tips by Sarah C Labrie

Sarah shares her helpful insights and tips to see spirits.

3 Tips on How to See Spirits Around you

1. The first tip on how to see spirits around you is to notice the density of air around you. You may see a shape manifest or feel a wave move across the room you are in. I mostly feel the fuzzy air and it looks like a heat wave in some shape or form. The energy and vibrations of spirit beings are different than the beings in the physical world, their density is also different.

Most people see the heatwave type air in low lights, so dim the lights.. its is very easy to see subtle bodies or spirits in dim lights. If you are really unsure about this I would dim the lights and look for any movement.

2. Another way to see spirits is with your mind, this is another way I see spirits I am in contact with, sometimes its awkward too see spirits with your physical eyes. Because we have the most powerful eye of all the third eye where all your intuition and perceptions are housed. The energy from the third eye extends in front of you and behind you, when you use your third eye, the vision is like a memory in your head.

The images can also flash in front of your eyes, so you are seeing something, but its not with your physical eyes. You can see spirits in the form of a memory or how you would imagine things.

Because in truth we are all spirits and we are able to see other spirits, we are spirits in a body. We are spirits or souls born onto earth and after death we return to source as spirits however there is conditions.. if you have many attachment to material possession then you remain as spirit on earth subtly… a place between physical and non physical, other word for a spirit would be a subtle body.

When we are young we have less material world conditioning and our third eye is wide awake and seeing, we have stronger intuitions, as we grow older and we believe in all the conditioning placed on us, our third eye slumbers, our intuition is less powerful. When you were young you may have had the ability to see and feel spirits.

3. Another tip on how to see spirits around you and a common way to see spirit guides and deceased loved ones. These just appear as flicker of light the same way you see sunlight reflecting of water or like a mirror without the reflection. There are varying colors of sparkles as each spirit is different. Other times its just spec of white light out of the corner of your eyes.

You may need to watch for these . . . the spirits are just stopping by to say hello. When light sparkle is a spirit it is most likely above you in your peripheral vision, most of the time its to the right side of your vision. Seeing sparkles of light is an indication of your third eye opening.



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