15 Habits of Truly Miserable People

The definition of a miserable person is wretchedly unhappy or uncomfortable.

That is pretty spot on. When a person is miserable they never see or expect good in anything and always try to make those around them feel just as bad and negative as them.

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Being miserable is a way of life for some people because they get sympathy and constant reassurance from other miserable people.

They have no goals whatsoever.

Miserable people like to drift through life waiting for someone to throw them a bone. They will end up sitting on their deathbeds thinking about what they should and could have done. 

Miserable people don’t plan or prioritize.

To a miserable person, the main goal of each day is to make it through the day. 

Miserable people don’t want others to win because they are not winning themselves.

A successful person understands the importance of relationships and teamwork, while a miserable person is usually only concerned about themselves.

A miserable person has an extremely difficult time listening, because all they hear is the negatives. Their sour dispositions give them selective hearing and they tune out almost everything else.

Here’s some habits of highly miserable people. If you can identify with any of these, take charge and change, and you’ll be well on your way to a good life again!

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1)  They are never thankful for anything

2) They lead a very unadventurous life

3) They live in and glorify the past

4) They do things for personal gain

5) They are afraid of economic loss

6) They love to pick fights

7) They blame others and play the victim

8) They think people’s intentions towards them are always dishonourable

9) They will give themselves a negative identity and revel in it

10) They will make sure they are involved in other people’s drama

11) They always expect the worst

12) They focus only on themselves

13) They are critical of everything

14) They worry too much

15) They are envious of other people’s success

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