How to Stay Positive around Negative People

We have all been around negative people before; depending on the amount of time we have to spend around a negative person determines if the negativity spreads to us.

You know the negative people they tend to be the ones who are never happy with anything. The ones who would find fault with having $1000.00 in 20s put in their hands, it was all in 20s, the wad was too big, and on and on.

After a while that negativity can wear off on us, we suddenly stop finding joy and positivity in the things around us. We become less positive and stop doing things that help us stay positive such as exercise, listening to music, or going out.

So how do we stay positive around negative people when we have to spend time with them?

Tactics you can use to stay positive around negative people, especially co-workers

We have put together a list of tactics that you can use to keep the negativity away and keep your positive attitude. You can use one or more of these tactics to help you stay positive.

  • Breathe – take a few deep breaths and count to 10, if 10 doesn’t work count to 20. This will allow you to center yourself and reduce the stress of the negative person engaging you in conversation. Reducing stress will help reduce the anxiety created by the negative person as well.
  • Exercise – exercising for 15 to 20 minutes three times a week will not only help you be physically healthy but mentally as well. It calms your inner anxieties, reduces stress, and fights off depression. This can help you a great deal when you have to deal with negative people, especially if you have to deal with them on a daily basis such a co-worker or even a boss.
  • Leave the conversation – if you can’t actually leave the area such as a work space, then you will need to speak up and yes this isn’t always easy but sometimes it is the only action left that you can take. Simply say excuse me but your constant negativity drains me so unless you can curb your negative comments and complaints I would rather not talk to you.
  • Surround yourself with things that help you keep your positive attitude – photos of family or friends, positive quotes, music that is uplifting to you. If you need to put the music on an mp3 player and use one earbud from your head set so that you can still hear phones that ring, alarms, etc. Listening to uplifting music can greatly reduce the negative feelings that around you from a negative co-worker.
  • Keep your hands and mind busy, if you occupied with work you will have less time to take in the negative vibes from the surrounding negative people. Also if you are working and they start talking negativity to you, you can simply say I am sorry I just have to finish this on time I really can’t talk right now as I need to concentrate on what I am doing.
  • You might ask the negative person if they are alright, this could go two ways, 1. They yell and tell you off, 2. They realize that someone actually cares enough to ask and this will leave them somewhat speechless at first. If they don’t yell you could continue with you seem to have a lot of negativity, so I was wondering if there was something wrong that you may need someone to listen. Most people will find this a bit scary, but if it comes to saving yourself from negativity it could well be worth it. You will then know if they just thrive on negativity or actually have a reason for their negativity.
  • Don’t get involved, if there is drama or negativity or gossip, stay away from it. The less you’re involved the less it drains your energy. If the negativity gossips and drama queens/kings try to pull you in simply say I’m sorry I’m not here to gossip, spread rumors, or negativity and walk away. This works especially well at work when you add in I am here to work if it does not have to do with the job I am doing I’m sorry I don’t have time to gossip, spread rumors, or negativity and then walk away to your job site or desk and start working. Keep your work life at work and your personal problems at home, when people you work with see this it will leave a lasting impression on them.
  • When you absolutely have to deal with negative people do your best to keep the encounter brief. If it is work thing, ask the question or get a signature, or drop off whatever you need and get away from them. Do not carry on a long drawn out conversation or talk about something else than exactly what you need right then. The sooner you can return to your work station the better.
  • Try to keep the conversation positive. When the negativity starts, try to steer the conversation back to a positive tone. If you can’t turn it to a positive tone, excuse yourself from the conversation before you start to feel negativity flooding your mental state.
  • Pray for patience. You may laugh at this but I have found in time of aggravation such as negativity, praying for patience while breathing deeply has a very calming effect on me which keeps me from falling for the bait or ending up in an argument over something that really isn’t that important.


LJ Vanier is an author and avid blogger. Her first novel Ether Into the Nemesis rose to number one on Amazon for the hottest new release (July 2015) A practicing spiritualist, LJ is dedicated to raising awareness about global ecological issues and is passionate about the evolution of consciousness of society as a whole. "I write because my soul tells me to write".
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