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Chronic Negativity: How it Poisons Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Chronic Negativity Mind Body Soul

Do you often feel mentally and physically tired? What if you are going through chronic negativity and not aware of it?

Complaints are tolerable as long as they hear logic. So are tragedies.

A lot of people around us have the habit of complaining about each and everything or keep on telling people their tragic life stories.

‘Why did the computer crash at this hour?’

‘Why there’s so much of traffic?’

‘Why has the restaurant stopped offering that special breakfast menu?’

‘Why did he lie to me?’

‘Why is she wearing that short skirt? Is she trying to seduce my boyfriend?’

Life is not always fair and some of them might have faced tragic circumstances more than us for which we aren’t even responsible.

It’s our responsibility to be with those who have suffered.

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However, too much of negativity is detrimental to our psychological and physiological health.

What’s too much negativity?

Some particular tragic incident is negative. But, negativity becomes chronic when a person keeps on pointing at the negative side of anything that happens.

There can be traffic on the road because it’s a part and parcel of life. People do lie. People break-up and move on. Human beings are governed by the seven deadly sins.

We can’t control anyone but ourselves. However, complaining or groaning or bitching about everything doesn’t help in creating positivity.

When one bitch about someone, only the negative sides are highlighted. In our struggle for survival of the fittest, when we see the people around us finding negativity everywhere, we too get lost and disillusioned.

Negativity, like positivity, spreads fast like an infection. This pessimistic attitude can kill us.

A lot of researchers have been done by scientists which reveal how chronic negativity affect our health and might often lead to death.

It’s necessary for us to understand how this happens.

So, we have made a list that will guide you, throwing light on this dynamics of negativity.

(1) The immune system can be impaired:

Negativity can impair our immune system.

Let us for example, say, that you are going to work. You have a presentation to give and you need that perfect suit.

However, you can’t find it and get angry, perhaps on your face or your partner. Instead of choosing another one, you waste your time contemplating why couldn’t you find your suit and also saying something unpleasant.

This increases your stress. Your blood pressure gets increased. According to research, five minutes of anger can get your immune system impaired for six hours.

This gives a big blow to your health and your productivity gets affected too.

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(2) A lot of health problems can get triggered:

You have a deadline to finish. Instead of working, you are more scared of the outcome. There might be problems which you encounter while you work.

These problems make you anticipate that you can’t finish your work on time and your boss will have a negative impression of you.

You keep on worrying will you be able to finish it or not. This is more likely to trigger a headache.

Negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and others can trigger mild health issues like headaches or might cause a heart attack. Prolonged periods of stress can affect the heart which will result in cardiac arrest.

According to Dr. Cynthia Thaik, heart attacks or strokes are caused because of stress and stress is the effect of nurturing negativity.

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