12 Positive Parenting Phrases To Affirm Good Behavior

positive parenting phrases to affirm good behavior

If you are like me finding this parenting thing a daily struggle, welcome to this world. There is no such thing as perfect parents, and as our kids grow, we also grow with them and so parenting strategies also keep changing that we use to raise our children.

The best tool can be a one-liner. Yes, you heard it right, not some modern parenting strategy or grounding rules, just some phrases instead of a big, long banter. In this article, we discuss some of the best parenting phrases you can use to discipline your child.

We as parents are always on the lookout for good parenting advice on how to raise a kid who is confident, kind, and successful. We like to think it all starts with good parenting. The trick is to train them with these brief phrases coupled with the tone of your choice so that your kid understands when to stop and what to do next. There is a saying “short and simple works better”.

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Why One-Liners?

Ever been in a shouting match with your kids, if not maybe you will get there. We all have been there at one point in time. But what I have learned is you cannot keep up with your authority if are down that level. Your child will find more ways to respond and win, and some time’s it can be aggressive. Keeping yourself calm (we know how hard it is) is necessary.

Over-explaining things to your child will not lead you anywhere but more arguments. You should tell your kid exactly what you want them to do, when they must do it, what happens if they do not and for this, you do not need to get into a power struggle, just one sentence is enough. You need to communicate with them in such a way that it gets clear the expectation which goes hand in hand with these one-liners. Your vocal cords will thank you.

It’s difficult, to sum up parenting in one sentence. Every child is different and so is every parenting style (of course it all depends on your kid) and that is why we have boiled down the best parenting one-liner phrases parents use to correct their child’s behaviors. Choose your pick.

Here Are Some Of The Parenting Phrases You Can Use To Avoid Unhealthy Arguments:

1. ‘Asked and Answered

This parenting phrase is the alternative of one of the most popular and super effective phrases (Because I said so). There is nowhere to go with this one. You might have let your kid get away with a lot; you listened, responded, and sometimes gave in. But there are some times that don’t just cut it.

It’s an exasperated response but trying to explain every situation will make you feel overtaxed because they have not reached that position to understand certain situations yet. Now you’re done explaining and it’s time for them to understand this, and be a good kid because mum knows better.

2. ‘It hurts me to say no…’

It’s a classic one among the parenting phrases. It’s a mom and dad’s way of saying no matter how much you whine, and you will not always have your way. Although it may really hurt us to say no, but setting boundaries is necessary.

With this phrase, you are letting your kid know that you understand where they are coming from, but it’s not possible for you to always give in to every demand of theirs. It helps them to feel validated although the ball is not in their court.

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