10 Feel-Good Questions To Ask Yourself As A Morning Routine


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feel good questions to ask yourself as a morning routine

As they say, morning shows the day, and you can set the right tone for your whole day within these golden hours, by simply bringing your focus to these 10 feel-good questions that you should ask yourself as a part of your morning routine.

The world we live in is challenging and life can throw our way one curveball after another. While we do not have any power over what the day brings, we can certainly work towards being more grounded and stable, so that we can take everything in our stride and make the most of every situation.

10 Feel-Good Questions For The Best Morning Routine

The idea behind these feel-good questions is to reprogram your brain so that you can have a positive and empowered approach to life and be able to seize every day.

10 Feel-Good Questions To Ask Yourself As A Morning Routine

1. What Can I Do Today That Will Help Me To Be My Authentic Self?

When we are living as our authentic selves, we are in alignment with our core values and beliefs. We live our life just the way we want and even when faced with adversity we remain sure about our intentions. We can confidently work around our difficulties with a clear vision of our goals. This feeling of groundedness unleashes a sense of security and enables us to do things based on courage and resolution, not out of fear and anxiety.

2. How Can I Be More Present And Live In The Moment?

Mindfulness empowers us to live every moment. If we keep living in constant worry of the future or regret for the past, we miss out on this beautiful blessing of life. We might be in the company of our loved ones and still be stuck in dark thoughts of a time that has either passed or has not come yet. Realizing the simple truth that we cannot change the past and worrying about the future is futile is hence imperative for our emotional well-being.

It will be a good idea to note down a few simple affirmations that can bring us back to the present moment and keep us mindful in times of stress and uncertainty.

3. How Can I Do Things Better Than Yesterday?

Being mindful of the present moment, however, does not imply forgetting our past actions. We need to take full responsibility for our deeds and if we are not happy with any of our actions or decisions, instead of fixating on how we went wrong, we must come up with plans to right the wrong. The trick is simple; we must live in the solution and not in the problem. When you feel you have committed a mistake, focus on measures that you can adopt today to make things better. Don’t let your ego come in between you and your redemption.

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4. What Do I Bring To The Table At My Job?

Here comes a tricky one; we all must work to put food on our plates and sometimes we don’t get to do what we are passionate about. However, if your job is not offering you any satisfaction and you are in it only for the money, you are bound to feel drained and unhappy. So as part of your morning routine, ask yourself what is the value of the hard work that you put in every day? Are you an irreplaceable asset to your company or just someone who clocks in and out? If you are not being of any value to your workplace, where can your talents be appreciated?

5. What Makes Me Happy?

When was the last time you thought about your happiness? Do you always put others first? It’s a great trait to be compassionate and caring towards others but you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you do not think about your happiness, eventually you will lose your purpose and strength to carry on. Every morning try to come up with at least 3 things that you can do to make yourself happy. These can be as simple as getting ice cream or buying a book from your favorite author.

6. How Will I Care For Myself Today?

As long as we are on the topic of happiness, let’s take some time to discuss self-care. Self-care is an important part of the best morning routine ideas as it starts with a simple question; what can you do to take care of yourself today? Do you want to take a refreshing bath after a long day but you have a family to care about? Well, use this morning time to draw up a schedule that will include that bath of yours, even if you have to cut down some chores that can wait for later.

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7. What Do I Need To Surrender?

We all have habits and behavioral patterns that we know we should let go of. No matter how much we try to make better choices, adversities, stress, and various other internal and external factors tend to bring us back to our old demons. If you think your life can be much happier without your toxic habits, list them down in the morning and be on your guard throughout the day so that you are not falling into the same pitfalls.

As a part of your morning routine, write down counter-action points that will help you to stick to your guns. If you are a workaholic, give yourself a task to pick up flowers for your spouse after work or make time to cook dinner at home.

8. How Can I Express My Love To Those Who Are In My Life?

Making time for your loved ones is an excellent way to show your love for them. But don’t stop there; each morning ask yourself what can you do today that will tell others how much they mean to you? When you take the initiative to make others happy, their glee spills over your emotional health and in the process makes your life more wholesome and full of happiness.

9. How Can I Fulfill My Basic Needs?

During tough times it is but natural to lose focus and wonder about the meaning of life. But always remember to count your blessings and ask yourself what can you do to keep on receiving these blessings. If you have health, a house, clothes on your back, and food on the table, you are more fortunate than most of the people on earth. When you don’t find the willpower to face another day, try to focus on what are your basic needs and how can you meet them.

10. What Legacy Am I Leaving Behind?

This is something not many people give much thought to, but they should. While we get carried away with our daily duties, we tend to lose the bigger picture. The end result of our existence should not be just checking off a to-do list of personal and work milestones. There is more to life than a job, mortgage, taxes, and PTAs. What legacy are you living behind? How many lives can you touch and heal? What about you will be remembered after you are gone?

When deciding your plans for the day, make one note of a task that will make you a better person. You don’t have to achieve any heroic feat, just water the plants of your ailing grandma, feed the fish when your neighbor goes out of town, or put out a bowl of water for the birds.

Your Daily Dose Of Positivity

These feel-good questions are not meant to be a chore that you might feel reluctant to do or rush through to get on with your day. Rather these questions are meant to bring a positive and joyful shift in your perspective and make you better equipped to face any day with confidence and a big grin on your face.

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10 Feel-Good Questions To Ask Yourself As A Morning Routine
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10 Feel-Good Questions To Ask Yourself As A Morning Routine

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