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5 Mental Exercises That Can Help Resolve Emotional Issues

exercises resolve emotional issues

Everyone experiences emotional issues at some point in their lives, and even though sometimes these emotional issues can be easily overcome, there are indeed times it feels that they’re going to drown you. It is during these moments when it becomes more important than ever to know exactly how you can resolve emotional issues in the right way.

Cultivating the mindset to understand, feel, endure and resolve emotional issues and then strengthening your emotional fitness is one of the most important things you can learn in life. People who are good at this know that the way they deal with their emotions now will decide how their lives will be 15 years down the line.

People whose emotional fitness is strong, have the ability to stay calm in high-pressure and chaotic situations, and most importantly, know how to handle them. They don’t panic uselessly or give up, rather they face the situation head-on, and deal with it. No matter how tough and challenging it might be.

If you’re someone who is struggling with your emotional fitness and find it tough to resolve emotional issues, then a few exercises can help you change this. These exercises can help you do some much-needed inner work and you will find yourself staying calm and mentally stable in the face of challenges.

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5 Mental Exercises That Can Help Resolve Emotional Issues

1. Acknowledge Everything You Are Feeling Instead Of Running Away From Them.

If you keep on running away from your emotions and feelings, it will just be a matter of time before they catch up with you. And trust me, how you feel then will be even more difficult to handle. Acknowledging your emotions helps you to understand where all of it is coming from and what is it exactly that is triggering them.

Continuing to deny those feelings will push your brain to release the stress hormone, cortisol, because it is under the impression that it’s supposed to fight an enemy, as a result of which your body ends up spending a lot of energy fighting itself.

The most powerful thing about acknowledging your emotions is the moment you do that, you are giving yourself an opportunity to transform your mindset and focus on finding a solution instead of simply obsessing about the problem. This stops your brain from being in a reactive mode all the time and helps you be more aware of what’s really happening.

resolve emotional issues
5 Mental Exercises That Can Help Resolve Emotional Issues

2. Feel All Your Emotions Completely.

One of the most powerful ways to resolve emotional issues and strengthen your emotional fitness is by feeling each and every emotion that is coursing through your body and mind. If you keep on judging yourself all the time and stop yourself from feeling your emotions, after a point, all of it is going to take a heavy toll on you. Your emotions might tell you that you shouldn’t be feeling a certain way, but try not to give into that.

If you let your shame and guilt stop you every time from feeling an uncomfortable and painful emotion, it’s also going to stop you from expanding your emotional capacity. Always remember that those emotions exist because triggers exist and it’s a cycle. Complete the whole cycle and feel all your emotions completely.

The moment you choose to feel your authentic emotions is the moment you stop fear, uncertainty, and anxiety from taking over you. You choose to focus on the light instead of the darkness in your mind.

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3. Take A Moment To Check-In With Yourself A Couple Of Times In A Day.

Every day you are going to involuntarily feel things before you even have a chance to think properly about them. For example, if you see something scary on the news, you will find yourself feeling uncertain and anxious. If you stub your toe, you will immediately have pain shooting up your entire leg. These feelings and reactions happen before you even get a chance to understand and decide how you want to feel about them.

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